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Gunston prides itself on supporting a highly professional work environment and an authentic culture of collegiality. The school is a dynamic and engaging workplace, and we aim to recruit the highest quality candidates for all open positions.

Faculty Opportunities

​Computer Science Teacher and Technology Coordinator

Computer Science Teacher and Technology Coordinator

General Description

Gunston’s Computer Science Teacher and Technology Coordinator (CS/TC) is responsible for the development and implementation of the school’s Computer Science academic program, with associated teaching and extracurricular duties. The CS/TC also works with the school’s Business Manager, Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC), and Head of School to plan, direct and implement all technology projects and programs as they relate to instructional or administrative needs. In partnership with the school’s outside network partner, the TC is responsible for the evaluation, purchase, installation and maintenance of all computer, telephone, and media infrastructure. The CS/TC work collaboratively with all school constituencies to assure the most effective use of technology and technical applications to meet the short and long term goals of the academic and administrative structures.
This is a 12-month position

Duties and Responsibilities

Independent duties:

  • Serves on all technology planning and policy committees
  • Provides first-line technology “first aid” for non-network campus technology concerns
  • Works with every department regarding technology needs for special events
  • Plans and implements faculty and student technology orientation: basic packages, hardware, Google Apps, Calendar, etc.
  • Sets up gmail accounts and classroom technology connection
  • Digital signage hardware management
  • Managing laptop upgrades, installation, and acquisition/configuration for laptops
  • Responsible for introducing and training new students in the use of the school’s networks
  • Responsible for effectively communicating the status of all technology as it relates to its effective usefulness
  • Development and implementation of an innovative 4-year Computer Science academic program, with associated extracurricular enrichment opportunities.

In partnership with the Business Manager, ITC, Head of School and Network partner:

  • Establishes school-wide hardware, software and system security standards
  • Develops and maintains the school’s technology budget
  • Evaluates and arranges for the purchase of all school technology
  • Installs and maintains all hardware and software for both academic and administrative needs
  • Diagnoses and solves all computer application problems
  • Manages the firewall and Aerohive; managing user access/restrictions; monitoring connectivity
  • Summer duties: management of technology inventory, and ensuring ongoing hardware functionality, acquisition and configuration for laptops.
  • Review and revision of AUP (with other admin)

Interested candidates should mail or email a cover letter, resume, and names and phone numbers of three references to:

Mr. John A. Lewis, IV, Headmaster
The Gunston School
P.O. Box 200
Centreville, MD 21617

Staff Opportunities

Director of Global Programs

●Responsible for social, emotional, and cultural support of international students, working with them on a daily basis both inside and outside the classroom to monitor their growth and development. Serve as the primary support person for international students and host families in the event of a student emergency.

●Manage the international student and global programming calendar of events for the year, ensuring that the school creates a dynamic, supportive, and engaging environment for global learning, consistent with the school's philosophy and diversity statement. Work to develop unique programs and events to support the global awareness of all Gunston students.

●Oversee all communication pertaining to international students and global programming. The DGP is the first point of contact for students, faculty, and families regarding international student needs and issues. The role of the DGP is to work in partnership with international students, school administration, faculty, international student parents, host families, and placement agents (where applicable) to ensure that all needs of both the student and the host family are being met, and that all relevant parties are kept informed in an appropriate and timely manner. This includes working with the Registrar and the Director of Communications to ensure that international family contact information is current. The DGP works closely with the Assistant International Student Coordinator to anticipate and address student and parent concerns.

●Work with the Director of Admissions to oversee the recruitment of international students; member of the International Admissions Committee; work with the Director of Admissions to identify appropriate host families for students, and to nurture and support both the student and the families throughout the host family relationship. Conduct site visits and coordinate the host family orientation program.

●Coordinate the successful transition of all international students from their home country to Gunston, and develop a comprehensive and high-quality orientation program for new international students. Ensure that all details pertaining to student transportation run smoothly, especially in regard to airport pickup and standardized testing. Oversee the school's "conversation partner" program.

●Partner with the Director of College Guidance to support international student college application and matriculation details, especially as it relates to standardized testing.

●Manage Gunston's school partnership agreements, cultivating the appropriate programming and exchange with Gunston's partner schools.

●Planning, coordination, and implementation of Global Awareness Day and Chinese New Year, with support from the Foreign Language Department and the Assistant International Student Coordinator

●In partnership with the Head and Assistant Head, coordinate student/faculty/community/ board diversity training.

●Review and revise the International Student and Host Family Handbook on an annual basis ensuring that all relevant policies are being appropriately implemented.

●Develop and oversee Gunston's summer English immersion program

●Teach one class; other duties as assigned.

Interested candidates should visit our website at gunston.org, and should mail or email a cover letter, resume, and names and phone numbers of three references to:

Mr. John A. Lewis, IV, Headmaster
The Gunston School
P.O. Box 200
Centreville, MD 21617

Coaching Opportunities