Support & Counseling

International students have unique needs, and Gunston is committed to providing our international students and the international program with the appropriate support infrastructure to support their social, emotional, and cultural needs. Currently, the school has a Director of Global Programs, who serves as the primary international student coordinator, and an Assistant International Student Coordinator, who is fluent in Mandarin. The primary resources for international student concerns/issues are:

The Director of Global Programs: should be the first point of contact for almost every issue relating to international students.

David Miller

The Associate International Student Coordinator: can assist with native language counseling and direct communication with Chinese families.

Weixing Shepardson

Assistant Head of School:
assists the student with academic scheduling and academic progress reports.

Christie Grabis

should be contacted if there are concerns/issues where no satisfactory resolution has been found.

John Lewis

In the event that a mental health issue arises, the response is coordinated by the Director of Global Programs, in coordination with the Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster, and if the school deems necessary, can require an international student to receive ongoing mental health treatment as a condition of enrollment. International student families are responsible for the costs of such treatment.