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242 Students

Student Ratio 9:1

$1.9m Financial Aid


Founded in 1911

75 Acre Water Front Campus

offered in college merit aid to 60 graduates—class of 2022$10M

Average Class Size 11

AP Classes Available20+

Two students in Chemistry Class, 2022


Gunston’s rigorous, diverse, and personalized academic curriculum is designed to prepare students to excel in college and beyond. We nurture the love of learning through an inquiry-based approach, innovative instruction, and advanced coursework, including 20+ AP courses.

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Alex Bent'25 Crew Fall 2022


Gunston believes that physical fitness and healthful choices are essential elements of adolescent growth and development. Gunston promotes healthy life habits through strong programs in athletics that direct students toward making thoughtful personal choices.

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Pottery Class Fall 2022


At Gunston, where the word “personalization” is written into the first sentence of our mission statement along with the terms rigor and nurture, we flip this question around to instead ask: “How can we craft an educational program to match the skills, talents, and interests of each individual student?”

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Ben Cook'24 crossing the finish line at Green and White Day, Spring 2023


Where we are at Gunston sets us apart, but WHO we are makes us even more special. The talented teachers, the students who are dedicated to learning each and every day. It's that part of the Gunston Experience that sticks with students long after their time on campus.

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