This summer, your delightful College Guidance Directors hit the road on your behalf and completed 17 college visits! The goal of our travels is to build connections, advocate for our future applicants, and get to know colleges better so that we can provide you with the best recommendations possible. 

JJ Remo, Suzie Freidrich, Alan Paynter, Calvin Wise and Derek Butler.

On March 23, The Gunston School welcomed students and parents/guardians for a special panel all about emerging trends in college admissions. Representatives from several area colleges and universities were in attendance to answer questions and speak to attendees.

Emily Coffey and Tony D'Antonio, co-directors of college guidance

Attention Gunston seniors! Join our new Directors of College Guidance Tony D’Antonio and Emily Coffey for a three-day workshop that will provide  one-on-one feedback from an admission representative on your admission essay, an opportunity to finalize your Common Application, and detailed information about the application timeline.

Gunston has a deep institutional commitment to supporting and sustaining a diverse, tolerant, anti-racist, and hate-free school environment. 

Gunston promotes an environment that values the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, and we seek to educate our community to expect, navigate, and embrace difference in a thoughtful and civil manner. As such, we endeavor to create and sustain an inclusive and equitable community that welcomes individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of diversity that includes, but is not limited to, age, ethnicity, family structure, gender, gender identity, nationality, neurodiversity, physical ability, political perspectives, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. As a school, we are committed to offering extensive, ongoing educational programming and professional development to support the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Consistent with the essential core of Gunston’s mission and philosophy, Gunston seeks to recruit and support a diverse student body, and our community consists of students and families from a broad range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Overall;

  • approximately 18% of Gunston students identify as students of color,

  • and each year Gunston welcomes onto our campus international students from Europe and Asia who make up 11% of our student body. These talented young men and women, all of whom are living and studying far away from their family and support network, bring an extraordinary diversity of perspectives and experiences to our campus.

  • Meanwhile, approximately 65% of students receive need-based financial aid from Gunston.


Highlights from Gunston’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan. 


DEI Strategic Plan


Whistling Vivaldi and Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us


TIDE Book Club: Talking about Identity, Diversity and Equity


The TIDE Book Club is a part of Gunston’s larger DEI Strategic Plan, where we aim to increase community engagement and discussion of topics related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Parents, students, faculty, and alumni are all invited to participate!


Global Awareness Day 2020
“What's Your Story?”

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Members of Gunston's Student Diversity Leaders attended the annual NAIS Conference

A team of Gunston students and employees attended the National Association for Independent School’s flagship diversity conferences, the Student Diversity Leaders Conference (SDLC), and the People of Color Conference (PoCC) held November 30 through December 4th. 

Schuyler Bailar presents a Q&A to Gunston Students

On Thursday, November 19, Gunston students and staff joined award-winning NCAA Athlete Schuyler Bailar via Zoom for a Q&A session. Students asked questions ranging from how did you deal with bullying? Do you think insurance should cover surgeries? After you transitioned, what was it like competing as a man? What was your major in college? Can you explain the role of hormones—estrogen and testosterone and how they work? How did you tell your parents? and more.