Bias Protocol

Definition of a Bias Event
Gunston defines a bias event as an act, either intentional or unintentional, of bigotry, harassment, insensitivity, or intimidation involving a member of the Gunston community that a reasonable person would conclude is directed at a member or group within the Gunston community based on race, ethnicity, language, nationality, gender, gender identity, physical and mental ability, learning style, religion, class, or sexual orientation. Speech or expression that is consistent with the principles of academic freedom does not constitute a bias event.

Bias Event Response Steps
1. A bias event report is submitted to the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who also serves as Gunston’s Bias Response Coordinator.
2. The Bias Response Group is convened in a timely manner.
3. The Bias Response Group investigates the event to determine how and why the event happened. The focus should remain on addressing the impact of the event rather than its motivation.
4. The Bias Response Group will communicate with relevant parties and the wider community as necessary to provide accurate information and dispel misinformation.
5. Disciplinary action will be recommended according to Gunston’s existing policies regarding bias to ensure an equitable and just response.
6. The Bias Response Group will suggest educational programming within the grade levels or sports teams where the event occurred or for the campus more broadly.
7. The Bias Response Group will review and assess the school’s response to the event, making recommendations as necessary to address future events.

Bias Event Flowchart

Bias Protocol 2022