Around the Nest: 10/08/21

Lane Parkhurst '23
Around the Nest: 10/08/21

by Tessa Schut ’22
*with other contributions noted throughout*


10/1/21- Win, 5-0 vs Salisbury Christian

The boys varsity soccer team started this month off right by demolishing Salisbury Christian 5-0. The goals were scored by Leo Santaboni, Jude Smith, Mekonnen Sahle-Selassie, Ju Lee, and Jaden Mahaffey. A special round of applause is in order for Ju, who I'm told made a very impressive shot. It’s been a largely successful season for the boys soccer team, let’s hope they can ride this good ratio straight through the end of the season.

10/6/21Win, 4-0 vs Delmarva Christian

This Wednesday was the boys Senior Game, and another easy dub for the boys varsity soccer team. Three of those points were scored by Jude Smith, and then one was scored by Aaron Sanderson. They had not only a large turn out in honor of it being senior night, but a good show for spectators to watch as well. It’s times like this that make me appreciate the fact that we’ve coined our mascot as the fighting heron, because imagine how hard it is for the losing teams to explain they lost to the “mighty Herons.” Good job boys varsity! 


10/3/21- Regatta with Freedom Rowers

Gunston Crew had its first regatta of the season (unexpectedly on their home turf) on Sunday, October 3, welcoming the Freedom Rowers to the Corsica. Originally slated to take place at WYRA Boathouse on the Christina River Wilmington DE , the event was cancelled by US Rowing a mere days beforehand because there were not enough officials. 
With only four days to plan, Gunston’s Assistant Athletic & Waterfront Director (plus Head Rowing Coach!) Carter Law, Freedom Rowers’ Executive Director & Head Coach Chris Gill, and Assistant Coach Kevin White, P '22 moved the event, 14 boats, and 100+ people to Gunston’s 35-acre waterfront campus, the day after the school’s Homecoming. 

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10/1/21- Loss 1-4 vs Salisbury Christians

The first of October brought new beginnings and fresh L’s for the girls varsity soccer team. However, the girls have shown major improvement in comparison to their last time facing off against Salisbury. They were able to put points on the board compared to their last game with an end score of 0-4. So here’s the part where we all start clapping in honor of Eli Ireland, who not only displayed the team's growth over the course of this season but also her own personal growth by scoring her first goal since joining the Gunston soccer team. Congratulations Eli! I'm sure this is the first of many goals we can credit to you.

10/5/21- Loss 0-6 vs Fellowship of Christian Athletes

As a writer, a student, and a closeted super fan for the Gunston sports teams, end scores like this are hard to defend, much like our goal when playing against the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The girls have put in so much effort into practicing and working on advancing their skills, I’ve seen it all first hand. 
Unfortunately, the Fellowship had us beat. But, as Mr. Weimer will tell you, the hero’s journey doesn’t come without conflict and the girls team has seen their fair share of brutal battles on the soccer field. This all goes to say that you could view their season so far as a series of unfortunate events, OR you could look at the post game reports and see the beginning of a critically acclaimed underdog story. 
“Despite the loss, there were outstanding performances from many -- including Junior, Jenna Frederick in goal, recording 14 saves, Senior Captain, Ashley Escobar dominating with her efforts at sweeper back, and freshman, Nina Johnston having another outstanding showing at attacking midfield, earning the coveted Game Ball for a 3rd time this season!” said Coach D’Antonio.  
The Lady Herons will have a break in the action until October 19th when they will host ESIAC foe, The Salisbury School.


Submitted by Coach Hansen, P’23 
Final Scores:

Gunston – 182
Worc Prep – 164
Salisbury School – 220

First, thanks to CO Johnson for stepping up to help coach the team while I'm out with knee surgery. He is an avid golfer, and has been at many practices and every match. Things got off to a bit of a rocky start with the bus being 30 minutes late, requiring our players to start the match cold, with absolutely no warm-up time… a very big deal in golf!  

But the players battled through it to post the team’s best ESIAC Match score since golf’s reintroduction to the Gunston sports program in 2019. Paget Kellogg led the way, winning in his foursome with a great score of 40. Fletcher Parsons demonstrated the wonderful ball control we knew he had, winning in his group by shooting a 41. Andrew Baughman led his group with a season low score of 50.   

Catherine Hansen placed 2nd in her group and beat her last year’s average by 2 strokes, posting a 51. RP Johnson came in 2nd in his group with a 52, and Jack Beasley also placed 2nd in his group with a 54. Coach Dave Bolyard is doing a great job with advising players, as well as team selection and match-group placement. The team continues to have its best season ever under his leadership.Thanks to the friends and family who came out to watch our players.  It means a lot to the team!


10/4/21- 0-0 Indian Creek

The Girls field hockey team had a tight showdown against Indian Creek on Monday that ended in overtime with a tie. I would never dare to call them equal foes, but instead choose to call them lucky they didn’t see the lady herons at their full potential. Shout out to Lane Parkhurst for winning Harold, the MVP Heron, for her hard work during the game. The next time Indian Creek plays the Gunston girl’s on the field hockey field, it won’t end with overtime, only an overwhelming defeat for Indian Creek. 


10/5/21- Loss, Salisbury (0-3)

Write-up unavailable at press time. 

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