Around the Nest: 10/15/21

Around the Nest: 10/15/21

by Tessa Schut ’22
*with other contributions noted throughout*


10/14/21- Win, 5-0 vs Delmarva Christian

This Thursday, the 14th, the field hockey team played their senior game against Delmarva Christian and they walked away the overwhelming victors. There’s no better way to end a senior game than finishing the second half without the team scoring a single point. Seriously, it’s hard to talk up the losses in Gunston’s favor, but the Field Hockey team has proven they don’t need any pity hype. Not only did the team win, but they also celebrated Paige Holmes for her completion of a hat trick. For any confused readers who don’t feel like fighting with Siri about whether or not you’re saying “hat trick” or “havoc,” a hat trick is when a player successfully scores three goals in one game. Paige’s skills earned her Harold the heron and helped her team secure the dub, congrats to the field hockey team!


10/13/21- Loss, 1-2 vs Salisbury 

This Wednesday the boys varsity soccer team played against Sulsibury. They made a good effort and it was a tough game, but in the end Sulsibury won. Jude Smith told me I had to mention that he assisted Colin Denault in scoring in the second half, and Jan Serravinals saved a penalty kick. 

10/14/21- Loss, 3-1 vs Holly Grove

Up until hearing the scores from the 14th, the boys varsity soccer team was my favorite team to write about. They have lost my favor this week for losing against Holly Grove, a team they beat 3-0 just one week prior. What I’ve heard from players is that their hearts just weren’t in it. Jaden Mahaffey is the only one who is excluded from my disappointment, he scored the point that kept our team from taking a complete defeat. They boys still have the opportunity to win back my previous favoritism at next week's game against Salisbury Christian. Lets hope I don’t have to start that write-up with “unfortunately.”


10/14/21- Win, 6-0 vs Wye River

The JV team once again defeated Wye River on Thursday the 14th. John Brady showed excellent leadership as team captain and guided his team to victory. Shawn Barry not only scored two goals, but was reportedly a superstar on both offense and defense. Eddie Gillespie and Bennett Wirts both scored when switching out of their goalie positions and showed they were jacks of all trades. Good job JV!


10/13/21 - submitted by Coach Stephenson

Final Score
The Salisbury School 77
Gunston School 46
Final Score
Worcester Prep School 42
Gunston School 46
Georgie Gillespie finished in the top 5 for girls in their meet and for boys, we had 4 runners in the top 10: 2nd: Colin Hallmark, 5th: Zach Steinberg, 6th: Kaz Morris and 10th: Ben Cook.


10/9/21- submitted by Coach Larrimore' 16

The Gunston sailing team hosted their first home regatta last weekend on Saturday, October 9th. Welcoming DC Sail, Patuxent, Saints Peter and Paul, Dulaney, Maryvale, ChesX, and Southern to our Corsica waterfront, the event went off without a hitch. Weather conditions shifted between light and heavy wind, giving the sailors a chance to experience all possibilities on the water. Of the nine competing teams, Gunston placed 1st over all! The sailors came together as a team to support, encourage and, when needed, constructively advise one another. They demonstrated their good sportsmanship and sailed with zest. 


10/13/21- submitted by Coach Hansen, P'23

Vs. Worcester Prep, Salisbury School, Salisbury Christian Prospect Bay 
Final Score
Worcester Prep School 162
The Salisbury School 218
Gunston 188
Salisbury  217

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Fall Sports Awards 2021

On an unseasonably warm Monday evening, students, families, and coaches gathered in Gunston’s field house to celebrate the fall athletic season. Highlights of the season include Boys Cross Country earning the ESIAC Championship, and the Golf Team earning 2nd place.