Spring Sailing 2023 Important Information

Sailing at Gunston
Spring Sailing 2023 Important Information

Dear Sailors and Families (Interested in Spring Sailing), 

Having reflected on the fall season, which was very successful in terms of participation and performance, we are now sending this communication to prepare you for our spring season. 

The conditions of a spring sailing season differ greatly from fall. Air temperatures are colder; the water takes its time in warming from the winter; and the wind is consistently at its heaviest. For these reasons, combined with robust interest in participation, the spring season has a different structure than the fall. 

  • Skills evaluation. We will begin the season with a ‘skills evaluation’ for each sailor. This will include an ability to identify and navigate more adverse wind and weather conditions; the capacity to quickly self-rescue in a capsize situation; and general knowledge of ‘boat handling’. From this evaluation we will segment students into ‘varsity’ and ‘JV’ categories —although we realize that some students will be in a transition phase from one skill level to the next.
  • Varsity sailors will be on the water every day, except when weather conditions are deemed “severe.” JV sailors will be on the water when the wind is most conducive to new and developing sailors—which is approximately twice a week during the Spring Season. JV sailors will have on-land training (which will include both physical workouts and classroom sailing instruction) when weather conditions necessitate, typically three times per week. Typically as the Spring proceeds, the weather conditions improve.
  • As stated, the spring sailing season begins with frigid temperatures in both the air and water and continues with cold water temperatures long after the air has warmed up. To prevent medical concerns such as cold shock and hypothermia, sailors are required to have a drysuit in order to participate in spring sailing, as recommended by the National Center for Cold Weather. Please contact the athletic director, Coach Breto, with any questions. 
  • Finally, due to the rigor of spring racing as well as the pair-based setup of FJ sailing, if a sailor cannot consistently make it to practice they will need to transition to a different athletic option, typically a non-varsity/JV sport such as Lifetime Sports. Attendance is crucial for sailing, as unplanned absences impede skill development and leave other sailors without a skipper or crew. In most cases,  3 or more unexcused (uncommunicated before practice) absences will result in potential removal from the team. 

If your student is planning to participate in spring sailing, please confirm their enrollment by February 6th.

CLICK HERE for the sports sign up sheet for spring sport selection, if needed.

We look forward to a great season to wrap up this school year! 

Coach Larrimore, Coach Chafey, and Coach Simon

Crash G Indoor Rowing Competition 2023

On Thursday February 23, the Gunston Crew Team competed against Elizabeth Seton High School and Freedom Rowers Club in an indoor rowing competition at the Field House. 

Pictured (l-r) Gunston Athletic Director Josh Breto, Aidan Marketto ‘26 (in front), Colin Hallmark ’24, Jason Ye ‘23, Zach Mo

Competing in 20 events against five other ESIAC schools, including Delmarva Christian (48), Worcester Prep (141), Salisbury School (86) and Saints Peter & Paul (52), Gunston’s Boys team finished in first place with a score of 206.

Futsal Team 2023

Gunston's first team won two out of their three matches and emerged as the tournament's winner. The tournament provided Gunston players with an opportunity to showcase their skills in a Futsal competition.