College Ambassador 101

College Ambassador 101
Mrs. Emily Coffey, Olivia Faff'23 and Ava Melvin'23

Co-Director of College Guidance Emily Coffey and college ambassadors Olivia Faff ’23 and Ava Melvin ’23.

by Kelby Booth ’23 

Would you consider yourself an extrovert? Someone who likes public speaking or wants to improve your public speaking skills? Or perhaps you’d like to strengthen  your time management or conversational skills? If you see yourself in any of these statements, you should consider becoming a Gunston college ambassador!

You may be asking, what is a college ambassador? Gunston’s Co-Director of College Guidance, Mrs. Coffey explains the role best, “Ambassadors have four main tasks. Prior to the college visit, ambassadors sign up to host a college’s representative visiting Gunston and they do some research on the college. During Morning Meeting, ambassadors share one fun fact about the college. On the day of the visit, the ambassador is in charge of greeting the admission counselor, asking questions during the visit, and taking notes related to any important information.” In short, college ambassadors announce when college visits are happening, give information on the schools visiting, and greet college admissions counselors. 

This is also an opportunity for Gunston students to take ownership of their college search. Researching colleges allows students to explore different higher education options and gain exposure to college counselors, whom you can refer back to upon applying.

Colleges also benefit from the College Ambassador program—they love talking to students! 
The College ambassador program is a great opportunity for both students, the colleges, and is a chance for us (Gunston) to showcase students abilities and accomplishments. If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador, please contact Mr. D’ Antonio or Mrs. Coffey. 

Mrs. Coffey 
Mr. D'Antonio