150 Gunston Students Claim High Honors & Honors for First Quarter of 20-21 Academic Year

 The Gunston School recognized 150 students for earning High Honors and Honors for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 academic year. To earn a place on the High Honors list, a student must have a 93 percent or above and effort grades of satisfactory, “S” or above. To earn Honors, a student must achieve an 88-92.99 average and effort grades of “S” or above.

“Gunston students have worked very hard in and out of the classroom, online and offline, during our phased reopening of campus this fall,” said Dean of Students Mark Wiening. “We are all very proud of their individual academic achievements, as well as the Gunston Together mindset that has enabled the majority of our community to come together and stay together on the physical campus in these opening months.”

(Beginning top row, left to right)

High Honors Grade 12: Isabella (Bella) Adams, Avy Aubin, Brianna (Brie) Barrett-Kennedy, Lily Berntsen, Maxmillian (Max) Brady, Kayla Flood, Glynis Gardner, Olivia Hersey, Erika Lee, Emma McClary, Orion (Rion) McCluskey, Ethan Nuessle, Joseph (Brennan) O’Connor, Addison (Adie) Parish, Campbell Parkhurst, Lydia Periconi, Jack Pigman, Marion Riddle, Emily Ryon, Severin Schut, Charles (Charlie) Shifrin, Henry Shifrin, Christian Walker, Lillian (Lilli) Ward, and Hannah Worth. (Not pictured: Hyunseok (Luke) Le)

Honors Grade 12: Hannah Beckman, Kenneth Bonuccelli, Helen Boone, Yongah (Jonathan) Choi, Lydia Davis, James Fordi, Reagan Gessford, Aidan Myers, Sydney Nittle, Connor Reichardt, Sean Riley, Kylee Rushton, Henry Sheets, and Colin Ward. (Not pictured: Suah Choi and Yi (Lily) Zhang.)

High Honors Grade 11: Sofia Angarita, Lucy Bamford, Joshua (Josh) Campbell, Anastasia Clair, Charlotte Cook, Robert Crow, Benjamin (Ben) Cunningham, Jian (Daniel) Dang, Ashley Escobar, Nora FauntLeRoy, James (Jimmy) Fraser, Nina Friedman, Paige Holmes, Samantha LeCrone, Juyoung (Ju) Lee, Abigail (Abbey) Miller, Magdalena (Maggie) Miller, Adam Papadopoulos, Ainsleigh Pocock, Summer Salos, Leonardo (Leo) Santoboni, Matthew Sharpless, Danielle Simmons, and Jude Smith.

Honors Grade 11: Gracie Callahan, Isabella (Bella) De Leon, Georgia Gillespie, Sheila Groz, Aidan Ireland, Kallena Kemp, Zachary (Zach) LaFleur, Colin Lang, Neva Lawrence, Rui (Spencer) Liu, Alexis (Lexi) Meiklejohn, Alexandrea (Lexi) Norman, Alec Sanderson, Tessa Schut, Nicholas (Nick) Scribner, and Andrew Steele. 

High Honors Grade 10: Nicholas (Nick) Abell, Madilyn (Maddie) Algier, Olivia Amygdalos, Tom de los Reyes, Charles Evans, YaXin (Angelina) Lin, Julia McClary, Zacharia (Zach) Mozher, Elizabeth (Lane), Parkhurst, Damian Rene, Isabelle Requena, Autumn Watson, and Jiacheng (Jason) Ye.. (Not pictured: Yining Wei)

Honors Grade 10: Zachary (Zack) Adams, Kelby Booth, McKinsey Brown, Julia Buchanan, Nicholas (Nick) Ceruolo, Sadie Cloud, Tori Copper, Xuanyao (Henry) Feng, Jenna Frederick, Natalie Henry, Sarah (Eli) Ireland, Thomas (Cy) Johnston, Paget Kellogg, Paige Kroncke, Jennie LaTorre, Christopher (Bates) Nittle, Grace Anne Phillips, Nathan Porter, Julia Reed, Andrew Rich, Mekonnen Sahle-Selassie, Aaron Sanderson, Finnegan (Finn) Theeke, and Liam Thomas. (Not pictured: Brielle Tyler.)

High Honors Grade 9: Turner Day, Allie Fitzgerald, Colin Hallmark, Jessica Hammond, Samantha Jayne, Lucas LaFleur, Madison (Madi) Lutz, Anna Jayne Murphy, Caitlin Myers, Kayla Raley, and Joanna Riley, and Zoe Buzzelli. (Not pictured: Trevor Green)

Honors Grade 9: Quinn Baughman, Michael Billings, Macie Brock, Caeden Harrison, Abigail Houseknecht, Samantha (Sam) Keith, Maren Kneeland, Arnold (Ben) Lutz, Frederick (Wil) Mertes, Tilghman Overton, Katherine (Kate) Porter, Luke Roser, Ava Runz, Jonah Smith, Isabella Taylor, Jessica White, and Jackson Wood. 

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