Green & White Awards Celebrate 2024 Achievements

Green & White Awards Celebrate 2024 Achievements
2024 Valedictorian Zoe Buzzelli and Head of School John Lewis

Head of School John Lewis with 2024 Samuel A. Middleton (Valedictorian) Award winner Zoe Buzzelli.

The Gunston School celebrated many students during its annual Green & White Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 7, 2024 featuring the valedictorian address, the announcement of awards, and recognition from the greater community, as well as the announcement of the Green & White Cup winners. Student body president Maren Kneeland ’24 welcomed the audience and Head of School John Lewis began the ceremony. After offering brief, personalized remarks about each graduating senior, Mr. Lewis  announced the Samuel A. Middleton Award—named in honor of one of the school’s two founders—Gunston's valedictorian award. 

“This year’s winner is a superior student, leader, athlete, community servant and National Honor Society member. She finished with a mathematically perfect 4.0 GPA, having taken the most rigorous course load of her grade, including eight AP courses. Having taught her last year, she is engaged, curious and fun, and above all else, totally thorough. She’s a member of the Chesapeake Watershed Semester [...] she served as sophomore, junior and senior class president and as an athlete, she is a multi-sport and conference champion and has been the captain of four athletic teams, cross country, volleyball, swimming, and triathlon.” 

The 2024 winner of the Middleton award is Zoe Buzzelli. Zoe had this parting wisdom for classmates:

“The advice I am trying to leave you with is probably some of the only advice I am qualified to give, for it is not instructions on how to change the world, although I hope you do; it is simply a reminder to make your own world a better place. Find people who lift you up and people who encourage you. People who aren't afraid to challenge you to make you better. Find people who will work hard with you and strive to achieve collective goals. And most importantly find people who bring you joy. Build your foundation with these people, so that whatever life may throw at you, you are steady because of your strength and the strength of the people around you. And Class of 2024 we are lucky enough to have Gunston as part of our foundation.”

The next award presented was the Paul M. Long award given to the school’s most outstanding 11th grader as voted upon by the faculty and is named after Mr. Paul Long, who served as the Head of Gunston for 19 years. 

“This year’s winner is a superior student leader, a community servant, and a National Honor Society member. In addition he served as ninth grade SGA representative, tenth grade secretary, and vice president this year. He has been at the forefront of the QAC Goes Purple efforts and his Eagle Scout ceremony was truly one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in terms of student leadership.” 

The 2024 winner of the Paul M. Long Award is Logan Kille.

Former Athletic Director Anita Gruss presented the Anita Gruss Athletic Award to Jonah Smith, Colin Hallmark, Zoe Buzzelli, and Sophia Kent.

Presented by Assistant Head of School Christie Grabis, the prestigious Gunston Award, which began in 1969, is unique in that it’s chosen by the vote of the entire school community, including students, faculty and staff and is given to the senior who embodies Gunston’s core values on a daily basis. 

“Academic rigor, multiple club memberships, high-level leadership roles, and drive reflect the commitment and level of responsibility and excellence. [...] A role model of citizenship and a thoughtful leader, this student makes every person feel important and worthy. The Gunston Community has benefitted from earnest investment in all academic, social, and personal commitments.” 

The 2024 winner of the Gunston Award is Zoe Buzzelli.

Athletic Director Josh Breto congratulated this year’s captains:

White Team Captains Eddie Gillespie and Zoe Buzzelli and Green Team Captains Jan Serraviñals and Sopia Kent before announcing that the Green Team won this year’s cup, for the first time in six years.


All recipients are seniors unless otherwise noted.

  • Valedictorian (Middleton) Award: Zoe Buzzelli
  • The Gunston Award: Zoe Buzzelli
  • Community Service Award: Ava Runz
  • Leadership Award: Jessica Hammond
  • Diversity Leader Award: Annabelle Sinatra
  • Moore Award for Improvement: Tyler Hanson
  • Paul M. Long Award: Logan Kille ’25
  • The Marie Whittico Award: Margaret Randolph ’25
  • Megan Virginia Batdorf Award: Mia Walker ’25
  • Clare Poussard Award: Jack Beasley
  • Environmental Stewardship Award: Anna Szwaja
  • The Faculty Award: Abigail Houseknecht
  • The Anita Gruss Athletics Awards: Jonah Smith, Colin Hallmark, Zoe Buzzelli, Sophia Kent
  • 12 Star Awards: Zoe Buzzelli, Turner Day, Liam Dickey, Allie Fitzgerald, Eddie Gillespie, Colin Hallmark, Sophia Kent, Maren Kneeland, Ben Lutz, Jaden Mahaffey, Caitlin Myers, Kate Porter, Kayla Raley, Ava Runz, and Jonah Smith.
  • English Award: Josie Merton
  • Literature Award: Drew Tolley
  • Senior Paradigm: Annabelle Sinatra
  • Junior Symposium: Margaret Randolph
  • Immersion Award: Sophia Bernas
  • Spanish Award: Madison Lutz & Maren Kneeland
  • History Award: Michael Billings
  • Math Award: Samantha Jayne
  • Sciences Award: Lucas LaFleur
  • Engineering Award: Joshua Nuessle
  • Computer Science Award: Turner Day
  • Fine Art Award: Annabelle Sinatra
  • Theater Award: Mariner Schut
  • Music Award: Harrison Dunstan

Green & White Captains for 2024-2025

Green Captains: Grace Shepherd & Zach Steinberg
    Green Rising 11th Grade Deputy: Layla Kent
    Green Rising 10th Grade Deputy: Dylan Kroncke

White Captains: Victoria MacGlashan & Riley Walker
    White Rising 11th Grade Deputy: Ben Simon
    White Rising 10th Grade Deputy: Ben Clark

Winners of the 2023-2024 G&W Cup: GREEN TEAM!

Senior Paradigm High Honors:

Harrison Dunstan, Samantha Jayne, Maren Kneeland, Devin Merton, Josie Merton, Annabelle Sinatra, Isabella Taylor, Drew Tolley, and Amber Tormey.

Senior Paradigm Honors:

Shawn Barry, Michael Billings, Zoe Buzzelli, Benjamin Cook, Alice Crouch, Turner Day, Aiden Dunlap, Allie Fitzgerald, Trevor Green, Colin Hallmark, Caeden Harrison, Abbie Houseknecht, Samantha Keith, Rowan Larkin, Madi Lutz, and Rowan Lutz.

Junior Symposium High Honors:

Alix Allison, Sophia Bernas, Lily Brantner, Allison Davis, Alex Elfenbein, Lennox Franks, Brayden Hamm, Grace Hanlon, Vee McCluskey, Isla McCollum, Kazys Morris, Louise Mulock, Margaret Randolph, Alivia Runz, Emma Sharp, Zach Steinberg, and Mia Walker.

Junior Symposium Honors:

Alex Bent, Jackson Frederick, Elena Fraser, Adit Gupta, Trevor Janssen, Victoria MacGlashan, Caroline Mirando, and Maggie Porciello.

SGA Executive Officers for 2024-2025:

President: Logan Kille
Vice President: Eamon Schopfer
Secretary: AJ Friedrich

Class of 2025:

President: Benta Owino
Vice President: Kazys Morris
Secretary: Grace Hanlon
Treasurer: Lennox Franks
Representatives: Margaret Randolph, Alivia Runz

Class of 2026:

President: Kate Andrews
Vice President: Emma Morris
Treasurer: Nevin Porter
Representative: Gianni Figliozzi, Lucas Watkins

Class of 2027:

President: Marley Farmer
Vice President: Maria Boone
Secretary: Natalie Edelen
Treasurer: Kennedy Cooper
Representative: Austin Koterwas, Camilla Nonemaker

Greater Community & College Awards:


Maryland Scholastic Merit Award: Zoe Buzzelli, Jessica Hammond, Samantha Jayne
Mid-Shore Community Foundation Healthcare Scholarship: Anna Szwaja
Soistman Family Dentistry & Associates: Jessica Hammond
William A Perry Scholarship (Waterfowl Festival): Caeden Harrison
Maryland House of Delegates Scholarship (Christopher Adams): Caeden Harrison
Tilghman Area Youth Association Scholarship: Caeden Harrison
Talbot Watermen Association Scholarship: Caeden Harrison
Army ROTC Scholarship: Maren Kneeland, Abbie Houseknecht
Howard County Professional Firefighters Association: Aiden Dunlap


University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award: Vee McCluskey ’25
Saint Michael's College Book Award: Katherine Sadler
Clarkson University Leadership Award: Kate Seybert
Rochester Institute of Technology - Women in STEM: Alix Allison
Rochester Institute of Technology - Business & Leadership: Alex Elfenbein
Rochester Institute of Technology - Math & Science: Brayden Hamm 
Rochester Institute of Technology - Art & Design: Isla McCollum 
Rochester Institute of Technology - Computing Award: Justin McCubbin
St. Bonaventure Univ. Scholarship: Lily Brantner, Louise Mulock
Univ. of Rochester - George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Alivia Runz
Univ.of Rochester - Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Margaret Randolph
Univ. of Rochester - Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Elijah Moore
Univ. of Rochester - Xerox Award: Justin McCubbin
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Brayden Hamm
John B Stetson Scholarship: Victoria Nessly
Alfred University Scholars Award: Mia Walker