Gunston’s DLS Series welcomes U.S. Coast Guard Diversity Peer Educators

Gunston’s DLS Series welcomes U.S. Coast Guard Diversity Peer Educators
Diversity Leaders in the Coast Guard


On Friday, March 26, the Gunston School’s Diversity Leadership Speaker (DLS) Series virtually welcomes the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) Diversity Peer Educators, a group of cadet leaders who will share their personal experiences with diversity and inclusion efforts at the Coast Guard Academy. These cadets serve as the “go to people” for information on topics surrounding sensitive subjects such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 

Their primary goal is to create an inclusive and embracing climate for cadets to discuss race, gender, and equality amongst the corps; to serve as “ears” in the corps to help alert leadership of possible merging concerns among cadets; and to give professional development training to members and stakeholders. 

Leading the conversation are Diversity Peer Educators second class cadet Juan Acevedo-Perez, third class cadet Erin Whalen, second class cadet William Price, and USCG Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Arman deKoven.

“We are so grateful to Ms. Lynda LeCrone P’21 who organized this particular session,” said Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion David Miller. Ms. LeCrone, now retired from the Coast Guard, served as Chief of Leadership and has extensive experience in human resources. “We’ve heard from several individuals this year in the DLS series, so we are excited to hear about the challenges, triumphs and overall perspectives from a large organization like the Coast Guard.”


The focus of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy is to develop officer-ready leaders of character who embody Coast Guard values, who influence and inspire others, and who decide what is right and demonstrate the courage to act accordingly.  

The United States Coast Guard Academy is a service academy of the United States Coast Guard in New London, Connecticut. Founded in 1876, it is the smallest of the five U.S. service academies and provides education to future Coast Guard officers in one of nine major fields of study. Unlike the other service academies, the Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination for admission.