Ecotone ecological resotration


Creating a World Where Humans & Nature Thrive

Our first principle is to limit our disturbance.

We know how to work in tight spaces, and we emphasize unsettling as little of the landscape as allows us to accomplish the project. In addition, we salvage and re-purpose natural materials from the project site to maximize sustainability. If we take down a tree then that tree usually becomes a structure in our restoration design. We re-use whatever rocks, wood, vegetation, and other materials we find both to minimize imported resources and lower costs for the client. The complementary benefit we accrue is a lower carbon footprint for the overall effort. We’ve labeled this approach Less is More.


  1. Design/Build (Construction)
  2. Capture & Filter (Stormwater Solutions)
  3. Form & Function (Design)
  4. Terra Firma (Consulting & Permitting)
  5. Earth Flora Strategies (Nursery)
  6. Coexisting with Beavers (Beaver management)
  7. Ecosystem credits (Mitigation credits)