Griswold Travel (Emily Griswold, P'24)

Griswold Travel

Griswold Travel (Emily Griswold, P'24)




I believe iconic landmarks are just as much fun as “unGooglable” experiences!

Between my own adventures and the Travel Leaders network I have extensive resources to design travel that goes beyond the predictable. I enjoy bringing history to life for curious travelers and connecting people to places and their stories through personal contacts, local private guides, VIP access and background knowledge.

I have seen and experienced many places in the world, particularly Europe, the Caribbean and South America. Most have left me with district memories of people, vistas, flavors and stories.  More important, I can look back and remember how each place uniquely made me feel; something you cannot achieve by reading an article or seeing photos online.

Reach out and we can explore where you want to go, what you want to see, and what you want to do!