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McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker
Mcallister, Detar, Showalter and Walker

McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker 

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Adele & Ryan Showalter, P’25 ’27 
Melissa & Doug Walker, P’25 ’27 

For McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker (MDSW), the attorneys that united to create our firm did so because of mutual core values and the common goal of providing the highest level of legal representation to our clients throughout Maryland. Our large firm skills and experience, paired with our personal relationships and competitive rates, affords our clients unparalleled legal services.

Our attorneys demonstrate a commitment to providing effective legal services for complex business, finance, civil litigation, estate planning and administration, real estate and zoning matters. We represent a diverse group of clients, from Fortune 500 companies and institutional lenders to small businesses and individuals.

With offices in Annapolis, Easton, Cambridge and Ocean City, the lawyers of MDSW are uniquely and conveniently situated to provide both individuals and businesses with high-level, personally tailored legal representation.