Jessica Hammond '24: Honors Biology Midterm Project - A Musical Interpretation

Jessica Hammond '24: Honors Biology Midterm Project - A Musical Interpretation


“For the past 4 (ish) months we have learned about the study of life, chemistry in biology, cell structure and functions, and cellular energy. We have gained a better understanding of how our body functions, how we get energy, and how our body protects itself. Not only were we taught about the scientific method, but the four macromolecules, how the cell membrane works the materials transported in and out, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. So, I hope you enjoy my musical interpretation of what we have learned so far.” - Jessica Hammond ’24

Jessica's creativity in writing these song lyrics and her ability to sing simply blew me away. It's definitely an UNFORGETTABLE project that I will carry with me for the rest of my career! During this crazy time, I found it so fun and rewarding to review and grade her project and honestly I cannot stop watching the 4 videos that she submitted because they simply make me smile! - Dr. Mariah Goodall

Here is an excerpt:

Song 1; All You Should Know From Chapter 1 to; Winter Wonderland

Chapter 1, Characteristics of life
There are eight, all important
While Research, takes testing 
Pseudoscience follows beliefs
Then there's the Scientific Method
First observe, then you define, form a study, and state expectations
Then you experiment and gather data,
 analyze, reflect, and communicate            

Must have experimental (group) and control groups not exposed
And a constant just to prove results
We’ll have independent and dependents (variables)
Do this and hopefully nothing will explode                     

Quantitative vs. qualitative
Is basically data vs. description

Now let's go back to the characteristics of life,
And talk about them some more

Made of cells, reproduces, 
requires energy, adapts and develops
Displays organization, responds to stimuli, 
And maintains homeostasis

That's what you should know from chapter 1!

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