Spotlight: Chemistry

(Left) Isabella Taylor and Marilyn Prud'homme (right).

Submitted by Ms. Showalter

Students in Ms. Showalter’s 10th grade chemistry class reviewed density by putting five different fluids in the graduated cylinder and they settled over time from the most dense (corn syrup on bottom) to the least dense (vegetable oil on top). Substances in the lab: Karo syrup, water, alcohol, dish soap, and vegetable oil (food dye was used on some substances so each liquid had a different color).

“I am a devout believer in kinesthetic activities, such as a lab exercise, to reinforce and solidify the concepts presented in class. When my students can apply what they just learned and/or see for themselves how the concept really works, it enhances their ability to remember it and transfer that knowledge in the future. One of Gunston's teaching philosophies is Mind Brain Education. Experiences that involve active participation are proven to be more effective for learning, such as actually pouring different liquids into a graduated cylinder and seeing how the density of each affects the final product in the cylinder. 

ALSO PICTURED: Matthew Periconi, Lucas Lefluer, Isabella Taylor, Marilyn Prud'homme, Josie Merton, Jaden Mahaffey, Sophia Kent, Caeden Harrison, Alice Crouch, and Turner Day.