Spotlight: Brain Science

Brain Science Project Fall 2021

3D Model of the brain, made by MacKenzie Smith '23.

Submitted by Dr. Mariah Goodall


In Brain Science this semester, we started class by learning about the major anatomical structures of the brain and their various functions. We then followed this up with a sheep brain dissection so students could explore and attempt to identify these various structures in a real brain. To reinforce what the students had learned, students were then asked to construct a 3-D model of the brain using various materials of their choice for the project. They could also work individually or with a partner. Next week, we will look back at the sheep brain to see how many of these structures students are now able to identify after completing their own brain models.  
Students were able to use items such as colored paper, buttons, strings, ribbon, plastic, toothpicks, cloth, popsicle sticks, clay, glitter, candy, or food/cake, with any other materials needing to be approved first. Students were required to label all of the parts by including a separate-color coded key. The model is to contain all of the lobels and brain parts, as if it were going to be displayed in a museum with creativity being the most important part of the project. 

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