Orientation & Leadership Institute Highlights: 2023

Orientation & Leadership Institute Highlights: 2023
The Class of 2027 Orientation

The Class of 2027 at Orientation, day two.

On Wednesday, August 23, Gunston’s campus was once again abuzz with the arrival of students for the 9th Grade Retreat, New Student Orientation, and the Leadership Institute. The two-day 9th Grade Retreat at Camp Pecometh welcomed 70 students, where they spent the day and evening getting to know each other while participating in various outdoor challenges and team building activities offered by the Camp Pecometh Challenge Course Program, creating early bonds between students and a strong class spirit. 

After a picnic dinner with current Gunston student leaders, 9th graders were able to play games and relax before heading back to individual tents to sleep. Following breakfast the next morning, 9th graders returned to Gunston’s campus for the continuation of their retreat program and met up with other incoming new students from 10th and 11th grades, with sessions focused on sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, technology, and “Gunston 101” plus a campus tour.

New Upper Students, 2023

New students in upper grades joined in on the second day for orientation.

Running simultaneously, Gunston’s 7th Annual Leadership Institute welcomed student leaders from various clubs, student government, and athletics to gather and learn about leadership practices, set goals for the year, and to help facilitate activities and sessions for 9th graders and other incoming students.

Next up is one of Gunston’s most cherished traditions: Embarkation on September 5, where all newcomers to Gunston (students and staff) arrive by boat on their first day, welcomed by the entire current student body and faculty. 

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