Adam Papadoupolos ’22: Coding Into Security!


By Louise Mulock ’25

Already ahead of the game, Adam is on his way to completing one of the biggest cyber security training programs in the country. 

Adam Papadopoulos ’22

While the threat to our online content is growing rapidly, the demand for technological superheroes is as well. Luckily, we have people like Adam Papadopoulos answering the call. While starting his career in the cyber security field earlier than most, Adam has been working hard to gain the experience and knowledge to fill in the gap caused by the current lack of cyber protection.

Having always been attracted to the lure of electronics, specifically the coding side, Adam has decided to make a career out of it. Already ahead of the game, Adam began the Early College Program at the University of Alabama last spring, taking both a political science course and a computer sciences course, while also continuing to learn Japanese. This will prove very useful when he begins taking classes at Dakota State University this coming fall. 

Of course, taking on this amount of responsibility isn’t without its setbacks. When asked what kind of challenges he has come across, Adam responds, “While I have been blessed with the talent and exorcision of ability in cybersecurity and security practices, there have been many moments in my training with companies such as SANS and big tech partnerships through Japan (Actus Consulting) where I was amongst true professionals when I was just starting my career.”

While concerns over cyber security are warranted, those here in the Gunston community have no doubt that Adam will accomplish amazing things in the near future, in front, and behind the screen. 


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