Green & White Day Fall 2021 Highlights


Students arrived at school on Tuesday, September 27 decked out in tropical gear for spirit week, and began their day with what, at first, seemed like a typical Morning Meeting. Head of School John Lewis reminded drivers of the stop sign in front of Middleton and the speed limit on Gunston Road (hint… it isn’t 60), and Dean of Students Mr. Wiening reminded students to purchase Homecoming tickets. Just as the meeting was about to wrap up, Athletic Director Breto had one last announcement…


Senior Green Captains Lucy Bamford & Colin Lang burst onto the scene first, with White Captains Paige Holmes and Jude Smith close behind. Students rushed to change into their G&W Day gear and the day began with the "sorting" where all new students and faculty are assigned to a team. The day consists of canoe races (Green won), followed by Sports & Games, Relays, and War Games (Green won tug-of-war).


Captain Lucy Bamford at the helm during Fall 2021 Green and White Day

Captain Lucy Bamford at the helm during Fall 2021 Green and White Day.

The White team pulled no punches though, winning the soccer dribble, chopstick cheerios, and "the Great Race."

Final scores for teams are kept TOP SECRET until Green & White Awards in June.



"This fall's Green and White Day is definitely going down as one of the most memorable! There was so much spirit and participation from all the students and I think we all really felt a good sense of community and interconnectedness. In particular, SO PROUD of the Green team and my fellow captain, Colin, for all of the hard work they put into this Tuesday. I can't wait to see what happens this spring and of course, GO GREEN!"
- Lucy Bamford


For those of you unfamiliar with the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR — twice a year, Gunston declares a “Green and White Day” and students, faculty, and staff divide into two teams and compete in activities that range from canoe races to chopstick competitions, relay races, and more. 

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Green and White Day Fall 2021