Headmaster John Lewis smiling in a suit

Welcome to Gunston! One hundred and nine years ago, Samuel and Mary Middleton had a vision: to develop a school on the Corsica River that would provide students with a personalized and rigorous academic experience, a strong sense of community, and a focus on the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. A century later, and now with a unique and innovative curricular emphasis on global and environmental leadership, these values still endure in our school.

Gunston draws our student population from six Maryland counties and Delaware, and with a generous financial aid budget, we attract a remarkably strong student population.  As a school, our emphasis on community is perhaps our greatest strength, and we are deeply proud of the way that we value each child for their diverse skills, talents, and background. Students learn quickly that, with small classes and a relentlessly personalized experience, the opportunities for intellectual inquiry, leadership, service, artistic expression and athletic accomplishment are inexhaustible.  

Each day, our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students, and our classroom culture reflects an inquiry-based approach that incorporates best practices in mind-brain pedagogy. Guided by a committed, caring, knowledgeable, and talented faculty, each student is challenged to develop their unique intellectual “voice”, and we seek to bring out the best in every student. Students also develop significant technological fluency at Gunston, and they graduate well-prepared to use technology as a tool for learning, research, and expression.

Each day, TGS environment is also characterized by a culture of high expectations, and we believe that learning to be a good person is as important as learning to be a good student. Our school’s values are embedded within the timeless values of family, courtesy, respect, and a reverence for the natural world. Thus, when we talk with our students about moral and ethical development, we don’t focus on rule-based language, but instead the language of values. Every year, our students recommit themselves to our “Responsibilities of the Community” and our “Commitment to Diversity.”  In turn, they respond by treating one another with an unusually high degree of respect, tolerance, and kindness. When our graduates enter the world beyond Gunston Road they are ready to succeed and thrive!

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, and please take some time to tour our website in earnest.


John A. Lewis, IV

Board of Trustees


Mr. James D. Wright, Chair
Mr. Patrick Shoemaker '03, Vice Chair
Mr. Mark Freestate, Treasurer
Mrs. Mara Schmittinger P '16, Secretary
Ms. Megan Cook P '22
Mr. Greg Farley P '22
Mr. Kurt Gray P '18
Mr. Chris McClary P '21, 23
Mrs. Elizabeth McCown P '11
Mrs. Jill Meyerhoff P '11, '13
Mrs. Pat Parkhurst '88, P '18, '21, '23
Mrs. Karen Talbott P '20, '23

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. James Clauson
Mr. Edward Curran
Mr. Harry (Stoney) J. Duffey, III '54
Mr. E. Mitchell Fry, Jr.
Mrs. Edith G. Grassi
Mrs. Penelope B. Hatten

Senior Leadership

Emily Beck, Sustainability Coordinator & Bay Studies Program Director

Christie Grabis, Assistant Headmistress

David Henry, Director of Admission & Financial Aid

John Lewis, Headmaster

Jon Mellinger, Athletic Director & Director of Transportation

David Miller, Director of Global Programs, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tricia Mooney, Director of Communications & Special Events

Joanna Pierce, Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations

Rebecca Schmier, Business Manager

Kellee Webb, Director of College Guidance

Mark Wiening, Dean of Students

Letters from the Head