Strategic Planning

September 2019

Dear Gunston Community:

For over a century, Gunston has thrived for two important reasons: we have maintained a steadfast adherence to the values of academic and personal excellence, and we have grown and adapted to changing times.  The central role of Gunston’s Board of Trustees is to provide strategic direction and oversight. The Board ensures that the school’s programs, facilities, and resources remain strong and sustainable over the long-term. For this reason, approximately every five years the Board initiates a process of strategic planning.

Our most recent plan—Gunston 2020—was ratified in 2014 and focused on key issues that were relevant at the time: amplifying the student-centered experience; developing strategies for enrollment and fiscal sustainability; placing the value of diversity at the center of the school experience; enhancing our culture of philanthropy; reinforcing a strong tradition of faculty excellence and growth; and perhaps most notably we set the goal of “becoming a regional and national leader in environmental teaching and learning.” Together as a community, we achieved meaningful goals across every facet of the Gunston 2020 plan, including the launch of the Chesapeake Watershed Semester in 2018.  

With a visionary board, an experienced leadership team, a skilled and dedicated faculty, and a diverse, dynamic, and engaged student and parent community, Gunston is superbly positioned to develop our Gunston 2025 strategic plan.  For this process, the Board has engaged Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP), a nationally recognized group known for their work in applying “design thinking” principles to the strategic process.  Research shows that the use of design thinking improves an institution’s ability to develop a strategy that is dynamic, adaptive, and compelling—all of which are crucial in our rapidly evolving educational landscape.

In all ways, we are committed to pursuing an inclusive, transparent, rigorous, and mission-centered process. To that end, we have appointed two co-chairs who will oversee the work of a focused Strategic Design Team (SDT)—a dedicated group of individuals drawn from a wide range of Gunston constituencies.  The SDT will solicit and incorporate input and feedback from each of Gunston’s core constituencies across a range of key topics. From there, the SDT will utilize key data and documentation to craft the final plan for board review and ratification, ideally in the Spring of 2020.

Thank you for your support of Gunston, and we look forward to your participation in the process!

Below is the Strategic Plan 2020 which was ratified in 2014.