Consistent with our mission, Gunston believes that stewardship of the natural environment is one of the most important values we can instill in our students, and it is our hope that they will continue these practices throughout their lives.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Gunston is our 75-acre waterfront campus. The school’s direct access to the Corsica River has developed a sense of environmental responsibility in both the students and faculty who live, study, and work here each day. The Gunston student experience is deeply intertwined with the waterfront, from the time they arrive to Gunston by boat their freshman year, to the time they disembark by boat as graduating seniors.

Gunston has just completed an institutional strategic planning process driven by our Board of Trustees and supported by the administration, faculty, and community. Echoing the language of our mission and philosophy, a prominent goal of the plan relates to our commitment to environmental stewardship: “Develop Gunston’s role as a regional and national leader for environmental teaching and learning.”

See how we are undertaking this challenge: