This summer, your delightful College Guidance Directors hit the road on your behalf and completed 17 college visits! The goal of our travels is to build connections, advocate for our future applicants, and get to know colleges better so that we can provide you with the best recommendations possible. 

JJ Remo, Suzie Freidrich, Alan Paynter, Calvin Wise and Derek Butler.

On March 23, The Gunston School welcomed students and parents/guardians for a special panel all about emerging trends in college admissions. Representatives from several area colleges and universities were in attendance to answer questions and speak to attendees.

Emily Coffey and Tony D'Antonio, co-directors of college guidance

Attention Gunston seniors! Join our new Directors of College Guidance Tony D’Antonio and Emily Coffey for a three-day workshop that will provide  one-on-one feedback from an admission representative on your admission essay, an opportunity to finalize your Common Application, and detailed information about the application timeline.


The Gunston College Counseling Office maintains an extensive resource library for students and their families. In addition to course catalogs and viewbooks from hundreds of colleges and universities, our reference section contains a variety of general college guidebooks, information on financial aid, and test prep materials. Students are encouraged to utilize these resources any and every stage of the college application process. The links below lead to a wide variety of additional resources covering a number of different topics. We encourage families to use their Naviance account as their first step in the process.