Darling Pagan '19 with her advisor Mr. Kaylor at the bricklaying ceremony

Darling Pagan '19 pictured with her advisor Mr. Kaylor at Gunston's Bricklaying ceremony.

A school's strength is its faculty and The Gunston School faculty is highly respected for its experience, dedication, and caring. Gunston faculty members are selected on the basis of their demonstrated expertise in their discipline, their passion and enthusiasm for the classroom, and their commitment to young people. With a faculty of twenty-two, many with advanced degrees, our faculty create classrooms where students learn to think like scientists, research like historians, and write like poets. Gunston's dedication to active and engaging styles of teaching combined with the school's commitment to small numbers of students in each class allows faculty to provide each student with the knowledge he or she needs for independent discovery and invention. As in college, faculty members use varied pedagogy ranging from lecture to seminar with the goal of teaching students to cultivate their own curiosity, inspiration, and expectation for personal achievement.

Faculty and advisors work alongside each student in an atmosphere of mutual respect and personally encourage and support the individual growth of each student. Empowered by the diversity of our student body, teachers help students celebrate their unique backgrounds and learn lessons in unity from each other. The Gunston faculty serve as both teachers and role models, educating the scholar, the athlete, and the artist by imparting lessons that not only prepare students for the immediate challenges of college but form character that lasts a lifetime.

We are grateful for Dr. Ken Wilson's patience, creativity, and understanding as he serves not only as an educator, but also a student advisory. Thanks Dr. Wilson! 
- The Clair Family, P'19'22

We love Gunston for all of the amazing teachers that have encouraged and supported our three children. There are too many examples to give, but just know that we are very grateful for everything they've done.
- The Parkhurst Family, P'18'21'23