Gunston Students in a Green Chemistry Class

A Gunston education is a challenging and highly personal experience. Small class sizes averaging between 10 and 12 students, provide students with ample individual attention from inspired teachers in an academic program that includes broad instruction in the humanities, science, math, the arts, and athletics. Gunston’s 75-acre waterfront campus plays an integral role in the school’s curriculum and specialized educational offerings.

Gunston admits students who have demonstrated academic capability, motivation, and good character through prior school performance and testing. Always with an eye toward individual growth and college preparation, the students, faculty, and administration enjoy a rich academic culture. Rooted in the boarding school tradition of strong student-to-teacher relationships and small classes, Gunston sets high standards for academic achievement because all students receive the personal mentoring necessary to attain the skills and to develop the habits required for success in college and beyond. Carefully developed honors-level curricula offer students the opportunity to qualify for Advanced Placement in all disciplines.

Most importantly, Gunston students are secure in an environment where they know that the high expectations for success are matched by their ability to achieve them.

Gunston’s curriculum builds a firm foundation for academic growth and achievement. All students carry a comprehensive core curriculum each year that includes courses in English, foreign language, history, math, science, art, music, and athletics. As students advance through school, opportunities for specialization and work at the honors and Advanced Placement level increase.

Gunston requires all students to complete 24 credits for graduation following the distribution outlined below:

  • English 4 credits
  • Foreign Language 3 credits in one language or 2 credits in each of two languages
  • History 3 credits including courses in United States History and American Government
  • Math 3 credits including courses in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Science 3 credits in laboratory science including courses in biology, chemistry, and Wellness
  • Computer Science .25 credit 
  • Art and Music .5 credits required each year
  • Athletics 2 credits— Students must participate in two seasons of athletics each year
  • Chesapeake Bay Studies 1 credit—Students earn .25 credit each year through successful completion of the program

The school year is divided into two semesters, each being subdivided into two quarters. Semester exams are held in December and June. Comprehensive grade reports that include a letter grade, effort grade, and teacher narrative comments are prepared at the close of each of the four quarters.

Individualized attention, a mainstay of Gunston, is supported by the 9:1 student teacher ratio. In addition to high levels of student-teacher interchange, academic scheduling is highly personalized allowing each student to pursue their personal interests in rigorous classes while meeting the school’s graduation requirements.