Senior Internship Program

Reinforcing Gunston's commitment to experiential learning, Senior Internship is a program that lasts approximately two weeks at the end of the senior year. Seniors who meet established criteria have the opportunity to work in an area of interest to them in lieu of taking final examinations. Eligible students work with the Assistant Head of School, their advisors, and their parents to design a meaningful internship experience. Internships are a contractual relationship whereby the students agree to volunteer their time in exchange for training in a field of interest. At the end of the two-week period, the internship supervisor completes an evaluation of the student, which becomes a part of the student's permanent record. Students participating in the program have arranged internships in hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, banks, government offices, environmental agencies, law offices, private businesses, television and radio stations, among a myriad of other placements. While at work, students experience firsthand the importance of being prompt, meeting deadlines, interacting with the public, and following through with tasks. The experience for some affirms what they believe they have always wanted to do, and for others it causes them to reevaluate their plans. Students return from their internships feeling both self-assured and excited for the graduation ceremonies.

Senior Internship Requirements