Q: What grade levels does The Gunston School include?
A: Grades 9-12, coed.

Q: What kind of student is Gunston looking for?
A: Gunston seeks students who are motivated and capable of successfully completing a demanding college preparatory program.

Q: How are the classrooms conducive to quality education?
A: The combination of experienced and highly qualified teachers with an average class size of 12 makes for a dynamic classroom setting.

Q: Is there tutoring available?
A: Yes, the primary goal of the tutoring is to assist students in the development of learning and study skills in order that the students increase their level of independence in preparation for college. Tutoring is offered to students requiring additional academic support. The program is individually tailored to provide one to one assistance in the specific needs of each student. Tutors work in conjunction with subject teachers and advisors in an effort to assist students toward developing mastery in skills and content.

Q: Is there time for "extra help"?
A: Yes, students can have a morning tutorial session with a classroom teacher. Students may elect to attend tutorial to review material or to prepare for upcoming assessments. Teachers may assign students to tutorial when they identify the need for extra help or when the student’s performance is below course and school expectations. Tutorial is designed to ensure academic success by providing early intervention to students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

Q: Is there an advisor system at Gunston?
A: Yes, each teacher is assigned 4 to 8 students as advisees whom they assist throughout their high school careers. The advisor is also the link in the chain of communication between the student, the school, and the family.

Q: When can I come to visit Gunston?
A: Call the Office of Admission to set up a tour or to attend an upcoming Open House. Tours typically last an hour and are very informative.

Tuition & Fees

Q: What is the tuition at The Gunston School?
A: Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $25,600 (includes tuition and lunch).

Q: Are there payment plans available at The Gunston School?
A: Yes, Gunston offers the following payment options to assist our families:

Option One: Interest-free monthly payments
This program is interest free, and families can enroll with Tuition Management Systems www.afford.com. There is a small fee to enroll in the program. A 10% deposit is due with the contract, and all payments should be completed by February of the following year. Tuition Protection Plan is required.

  • 12-month plan begins in March 2019
  • 11-month plan begins in April 2019
  • 10-month plan begins in May 2019


Option Two: 60/40 Payment Plan This plan consists of 3 payments per year. Tuition Protection Plan is required.



  • A 10% deposit is due with the contract
  • 60% of the balance is due August 1
  • the remaining balance is due January 1


Option Three: Payment in full
The entire balance is paid in full with the contract.

Loan Programs
Gunston also has information on loan programs available through various sources. Contact David Henry, Director of Admission and Financial Aid for details.


Tuition Protection Plan
If you elect to take advantage of one of the payment plans listed above you will be required to enroll in the Tuition Protection Plan at a cost of 3.1% of the net tuition amount.


Q: Are there expenses in addition to tuition at The Gunston School?
A: Additional possible fees include:
Books: approximately $400-$600
Bay Studies Fee: $400
Bus Transportation (Optional): Cost TBD—Available from: Annapolis, Centreville, Chestertown, Church Hill, Easton, Galena, Kent Island, Queenstown, Middletown, DE, and Dover, DE


Q: What is the deadline for admission?
A: The application deadline for 2017-2018 school year is December 15 for Early Commitment, and February 1 for Regular Decision. Applications received after February 1 will be evaluated on a rolling admission basis as space becomes available.

Q: Will Gunston tell me if pieces of my application are missing?
A: Yes, the Director of Admission and Financial Aid will be in close contact with the applicant's parents during the application process.

Q: How can I receive an application packet for The Gunston School?
A: There are two ways you can request an application packet:
- Call the Admission Office at 410-758-0620
- Email the Director of Admission at dhenry@gunston.org

Q: What kinds of standardized tests do I need to take to be considered for admission to The Gunston School?
A: Applicants for 9th grade should take either the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE). When applicants register for these tests, please remember to request that the scores be submitted to The Gunston School (SSAT School Code - 3271; ISEE School Code - 210362). Please visit www.ssat.org or www.iseetest.org for details. This requirement may be waived for late applicants, or students possessing recent and comprehensive educational testing. Please contact the Director of Admissions for more information.

Q: May a student be admitted for his/her senior year only?
A: No, the last point of admission is for grade 11. Exceptions may be made for students transferring from other independent schools providing the necessary course requirements have been met to allow timely matriculation.

Q: When will I know about acceptance to The Gunston School?
A: Applicants will be notified of the admission committee's decision by January 15 for Early Commitment applications, and mid-to-late February for Regular Decision candidates.

Q: Can a student transfer into Gunston during the school year?
A: Yes, as long as space is available and the applicant meets the criteria for admission.

Financial Aid

Q: What is The Gunston School's philosophy concerning financial aid?
A: Gunston wants to make its program available to as many students as possible. The school administers a need-based financial aid program and offers payment plans allowing balances to be spaced over 12 months.

Q: Does applying for financial aid affect my chances for admission?
A: The Admission Committee evaluates each application without taking into account a family's ability to pay tuition.

Q: Is there an application deadline for financial aid?
A: Financial aid applications should be submitted online at https://sssbynais.org at the time of, or shortly after application for admission to Gunston. Please enter our school code (3634) as a recipient of the financial aid report.

Q: How much can a family expect to contribute?

A: The Gunston School expects a family to do all it can reasonably do to meet educational expenses.

Q: What levels of income does Gunston consider in awarding financial aid?
A: Gunston considers each applicant individually. We consider families within a wide range of financial situations. Since each family's financial circumstances are unique, a family's income is only one of the factors that we consider in determining a family's need.

Q: Can financial aid change from year to year?
A: Yes, if the family's financial circumstances change, then the financial aid may be adjusted.

Q: What if we are unable to complete the financial aid application on time?
A: Please notify the Director of Admission and Financial Aid.

Q: If my child does not receive financial aid, can we apply for aid in subsequent years?
A: Yes, you can apply for aid at any time.

Q: What should I do if my family's financial situation is complicated?

A: Attach a letter to the financial aid form that specifically explains your situation. Gunston will use this to help determine financial aid consideration.

Dress Code

Q: What is the dress code for students at The Gunston School?
A: The shirt for all students should be button-down oxford cloth. The colors can be white, off-white, yellow, pink, or oxford blue. The pants, usually khakis, can be tan, stone, brown, olive, navy, or charcoal in color. Women can wear either pants or skirts of the aforementioned colors. The shoes should be brown or black oxford style, boat shoe, or closed toe flats. Men must wear a tie.

Q: What should a potential student wear during the shadow day and interview?
A: It is always a good idea to dress in the dress code of the school you are visiting.