The Gunston Experience

Gunston seeks young men and women of good character who have exhibited both the motivation and ability to succeed in a challenging college preparatory course of study. It is also important to us that our students understand, respect, and embrace the philosophy of Gunston, and possess the talents, motivation, and interest to contribute to our dynamic community.

Intellectually Rigorous

  • Honors level courses offered across the curriculum
    A teacher reading with students at a table in a classroom
  • 16 Advanced Placement options
  • Specialized electives available for students to explore exceptional interests in depth
  • The Gunston Writing Project which includes the Junior Symposium and the Senior Paradigm Project

Highly Personalized

  • Small classes featuring average class sizes of 10 – 12.
  • Superb teachers who know each student well and care deeply about their success
  • Individualized class scheduling which enables each student to pursue their strengths and explore new options
  • A program that incorporates teacher availability every day to help each student when needed

College Preparation

  • Students accepted at a wide range of schools, including some of the nation’s most selective
  • A College 101 course that guides juniors and seniors step-by-step through the application process
  • Individualized college placement program that integrates the Naviance™ system to identify schools that might be a match for each student
  • Onsite test preparation provided through a self-guided module within Naviance™ and through The Princeton Review

Sense of Community

  • The Embarkation ceremony brings new students to campus by boat up the Corsica River where they are greeted by each member of the Gunston community the first day of school
  • A variety of clubs, dances, trips, and student activities that allow each student an opportunity to participate
  • School-based G.I.V.E. (Gunston Initiates Volunteer Effort) program allows students to work together to provide community service that benefits everyone from school aged-children to the elderly
  • Students take ownership of their school and have a vested interest in creating an environment that encourages responsibility, mutual trust, and personal growth. The students genuinely want to be a part of Gunston.

Balance Between Mind and Body

  • Gunston requires each student to participate in a sport for 2 of the 3 seasons
  • Those students not involved in a team sport engage in our comprehensive fitness program
  • A Wellness offering is a part of each freshman’s schedule
  • Each student has the opportunity to participate on any of the athletic teams at Gunston (9 sports for boys and 10 for girls), including sailing and crew

Developing Environmental Awareness

  • Week-long Bay Studies program offered each spring allows students to develop a meaningful understanding of the role the Chesapeake Bay plays in our history, development, industry, and future
  • Gunston is Certified as a Maryland Green School, and competes in the Green Cup Challenge
  • Campus-wide Earth Day celebrated each spring involving the entire Gunston community aimed at developing sustainable habits through hands-on projects and seminars featuring guest speakers that are professionals environmental studies
  • Active partner with the Corsica River Conservancy involving local elementary students in programs such as “Maryland Grows Oysters” to help preserve the Corsica River