The Gunston Experience

Gunston seeks students of good character who have exhibited both the motivation and ability to succeed in a challenging college preparatory course of study. It is also important to us that our students understand, respect, and embrace the philosophy of Gunston, and possess the talents, motivation, and interest to contribute to our dynamic community.

The Clair Family

We are deeply grateful for the exceptional education our daughters received at Gunston. The teachers are supportive and encouraging and motivate students to take the necessary risks in order to grow in confidence and truly become contributing citizens of the world in which they live. Much thought and preparation goes into the myriad of unique opportunities that Gunston offers its students, all of which are designed to help the students see beyond the familiar and develop a comfort for exploring the unknown. 

-The Clair Family, P'19'22

The Baughman Family

When my daughter first graduated from Gunston, she walked onto a college campus and was able to organize herself without any stress and enjoy that first semester [and] she was comfortable advocating for herself, because Gunston had taught her how to be responsible for her work, as they have with all my kids, and to reach out to them and work with them if they need help.
-Derrika Baughman,

As parents, we are continuously impressed by the faculty, administration, and staff of The Gunston School. From before admission and now well into their junior year, our twins have matured so much... intellectually, academically, and socially. The standards are high, but our kids have risen to the challenge and embraced growth opportunities. The culture of the school is open, engaging, and respectful. Kudos to all!

-Susan Lutz, P’24’24