Affording Gunston
An independent school education, with its high-level of personalization, small classes, high expectations, and focus on college preparation, is a significant investment in your child's future. The Gunston School understands that affording such an education is a concern for all families, regardless of income. Our Board of Trustees is committed to making Gunston education affordable for any motivated and talented students who meet our admissions criteria. Year after year, Gunston works to the best of its ability to meet the financial needs of each family through our generous financial aid program. Our hope is that every applicant that is accepted to Gunston can attend.

Types of Tuition Assistance

Need-Based Financial Aid

All families who are interested in financial aid are encouraged to apply. Gunston's financial aid awards are need-based grants, which result in reduced tuition for its recipients. Admission to Gunston is not dependent upon a family's ability to pay full tuition. Once students are admitted, the Financial Aid Committee meets to review the financial aid application and determines the amount of each grant. If a family qualifies for financial aid, award amounts will be included with a family's letter of acceptance. Therefore, financial aid applications should be submitted at at the time of, or shortly after submission of the application for admission to Gunston.

Financial aid awards are only for one academic year, so families must reapply each year. Adjustments to an award can occur because of a change in a family's financial situation. However, barring such a change, Gunston is committed to providing aid during the child's entire time at school.

Apply for need-based financial aid at Be sure to enter Gunston's school code (3634) as a recipient of the generated financial report.

Merit Scholarships

Gunston's Merit Scholarship Competition is open to any 8th grade student who is applying to the school for the following academic year. The scholarship is earned by superior achievement on the SSAT and on Gunston's Merit Exam, which contains sections in English and mathematics. In recent years, an average of two incoming freshman have had the opportunity to earn this scholarship; the value of which is equal to between 25-50% of the student's 9th grade tuition. The dates for the SSAT (must be taken by the February test date) and the Merit exam are posted on the Admissions page on Gunston's website. Students must have a Gunston application submitted by February 1st in order to be considered for one of the Merit Scholarships.


Full tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $24,985 (includes tuition and lunch).

Additional costs include:
  • Books: approximately $400-$600
  • Bay Studies Fee: $400
Optional fees:
  • Bus Transportation: TBD available from Annapolis, Centreville, Chestertown, Church Hill, Easton, Galena, Kent Island, Queenstown, Dover and Middletown, DE

Tuition Payment Plans

TGS offers the following payment options:

Option One: Interest-free monthly payments
This program is interest free, and families can enroll with Tuition Management Systems There is a small fee to enroll in the program. A 10% deposit is due with the contract, and all payments should be completed by February of the following year. Tuition Protection Plan is required.
  • 12 month plan begins in March 2018
  • 11 month plan begins in April 2018
  • 10 month plan begins in May 2018
Option Two: 60/40 Payment Plan
This plan consists of 3 payments per year. Tuition Protection Plan is required.
  • A 10% deposit is due with the contract
  • 60% of the balance is due August 1st
  • the remaining balance is due January 1st

Option Three: Payment in full
The entire balance is paid in full with the contract. The Tuition Protection Plan is optional.

Loan Programs
Gunston also has information on loan programs available through various sources. Contact David Henry, Director of Admission for details.

Tuition Protection Plan
If you elect to take advantage of one of the payment plans listed above you will be required to enroll in the Tuition Protection Plan at a cost of 3.1% of the net tuition amount.

Tuition Protection Plan