Artist Showcase

Tess Kontarinis artwork

For this week's art appreciation Tess Kontarinis submitted some of her mixed media artwork. She used a combination of highlighter, watercolor, oil pastel, and pen. Tess and I may share a name, but her artistic ability is far greater than mine. Very swag Tess, thank you for sharing!

Jenna Frederick '22

Jenna Frederick ’24 used oil pastels to create her rendition of Paul Cezanne’s painting Still Life with Apple’s. The assignment for AP Studio Art was to take Cezanne’s painting and rearrange the composition as she saw fit. Props to Jenna for this beautiful piece!

Image by Tori Copper '23

Composition: Perspective assignment instructions

Pick one subject and photograph it from different angles.
Please turn in:
3 photos from "Eye Level"
3 photos from "Bird's Eye View"
3 photos from "Worm's Eye View"