Code of Conduct

Please read “Important Information for Athletes & Parents” on the Gunston website.

1. I am a student athlete and my first responsibility is academics.

2. I will attend school and classes.

3. On the day of a game and/or practice, I will attend the entire school day except in the case of extenuating circumstances which will be verified by my parent.

4. I will remain at school from the time that my last class ends until the game begins. If my parent takes me home from school before a game, I will sign out.

5. I will refrain from using all forms of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances. A violation of this policy could result in automatic removal from the team. If I violate the Gunston policy dealing with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD’s), I may be suspended from participation for the remainder of the season in which the infraction occurs.

6. I will not participate in hazing or degrading initiations or activities including any humiliating or dangerous activities. “Team Bonding” traditions should create a spirit of camaraderie.

7. I will attend and be on time for every practice and game. Maximum enthusiasm and effort during practices and games will be my standard. If I have an unexcused absence from school the day before a game, I may not be able to participate in the next day’s game.

8. As a student athlete, I will be required to take care of all equipment and uniforms issued to me and will be financially accountable for that equipment. I realize that any damage to school property will not be tolerated.

9. If sick or injured, I will immediately report to my coach so that treatment can be initiated as promptly as possible.

10. I will maintain the principles of the Gunston Responsibilities of the Community at all times.

11. I will maintain standards of good sportsmanship and behavior as outlined in the Gunston Athletic Department Guidelines, so that our school and community will be proud. If I am given a “red card” for unsportsmanlike behavior I will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. A player ejected before, during or after a game, for the physical or verbal abuse of a game official or involving an altercation with an opposing player is automatically suspended for the next scheduled game, and may not participate in future games until a review of the incident is made by the executive committee, ESIAC AD’s. The executive committee, after conferring with the individual’s Head of School, and Athletic Director, may impose additional penalties. If I am ejected from a game for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct, I will arrange a meeting with the athletic director, my advisor, and coach. Also, at the minimum, I will not be allowed to play in the next scheduled game.

12. I will travel with the team and the coaches to and from the site of an away game. Only parents may transport their son/daughter from an athletic contest.