Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2012. The Hall of Fame recognizes those who have contributed to athletic excellence at TGS as a player, coach, or athletic director.

2012 Hall of Fame

Sally LaMotte Crane

Sally LaMotte Crane 1969-1973
Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

On the field hockey field alone, Sally’s skills were so good, after graduating from Gunston and moving on to college, she made the University of North Carolina’s field hockey team as a FR. In college her playing position shifted from halfback to offensive wing. She felt that Gunston really prepared her well, academically and athletically. For this she is grateful. Sally also played on Gunston’s basketball teams and lacrosse teams. Sally lives in Wiscasset, Maine with her husband.

Anita Gruss

Anita Gruss, Athletic Director 1978-2015

Although she was here without a gym, Anita coached field hockey, basketball, softball, lacrosse, and tennis. During our transition to Gunston Day School, Anita Directed adaptation of the athletics mission and policies, and oversaw the development of the men’s women’s, and coed teams. She developed the new sports programs in golf, women’s soccer, swimming, and crew. She not only coached the first ESIAC Gunston field hockey team, they then won the first conference and tournament title, 2000. She was named COY for ESIAC field hockey in 2000 & 2002. Anita was a founding member of ESIAC conference. She was a member, regional representative, and aboard member of the Maryland State Field Hockey High School Coaches Association. Anita retired from Gunston in 2015.

Jane Johnston

Jane Johnston 1977-1980
Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Sailing, Riding

Agile, good ball and foot speed, and a being a great team member are my memories of Jane on Gunston’s team. She competed for herself, for her team and for her school as this was pre-conference competition. Jane was an outstanding athlete with above average skills in every athletic endeavor that she pursued. Jane lives in San Francisco, CA with her daughter.

Tricia Davidson Jordon

Tricia Davidson Jordan 1990-1994
Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

Tricia played Field Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse all fours years and won the Athletic Award at her graduation. She received MVP Honors in all three sports at Gunston. She scored over 100 goals in lacrosse. And, Tricia was the green Team captain her senior year. Tricia lives with her husband and daughter on Kent Island while running their own business.

PA Keating

PA Keating, B.H.S.I. 1961-1964, 1971-1979, 1995– 1996, 1998-1999
Equestrian Coach, Instructor, Manager & all Around Horsewoman

P.A. Keating came to Gunston School at age 18. She was hand picked by Aunt Mary Middleton who traveled to England to hire her. Won a pony club scholarship to Porlock Vale riding school where she met American students who “lured” her to America and Gunston. Coming to Gunston at that time she was more than qualified to take charge of the riding program. She taught her students to respect and love the sport of riding all the while managing Gunston’s riders, barn, horses, pastures and many, many other responsibilities. PA Keating resides in Centreville, MD a few miles from Gunston.

Paul Long

Paul M. Long, Headmaster 1967-1986

Mr. Long has always been a huge supporter of Gunston Athletics throughout his career here. He and his wife bought (out of their own pockets) a fleet of Sunfish sailboats, oversaw the building of the Gunston boathouse, and the Gunston tennis courts. With Robert Copper, he build Heron field and introduced field sports such as field hockey, lacrosse and softball-and coached softball. He also introduced Riflery. Mr. Long lives in Centreville, MD with his wife Dickie, a few miles from Gunston.

2013 Hall of Fame

Ned Southworth

Coach Southworth’s Career at Gunston

  • Coached every team sport, except water sports, tennis and field hockey
  • Most wins of any men’s lacrosse coach on record
  • Five-time ESIAC Coach of the Year

Men’s Varsity Soccer Team, 2002-2006

  • Two-time ESIAC Team Sportsmanship winner
  • One-time ESIAC Player of the Year

Coached Men’s Varsity Lacrosse, 2003-2013

  • Four-time ESIAC Coach of the Year
  • ESIAC Tournament Champions 2003
  • Four-time ESIAC & MILL Tournament finalists
  • Two-time ESIAC Team Sportsmanship winner
  • One-time ESIAC Player of the Year

Coached Gunston’s inaugural Women’s Varsity Soccer team, 2007-2010

  • One-time ESIAC Team Sportsmanship winner

Coached Gunston’s Women’s Varsity Basketball team, 2005-2010

  • Two-time ESIAC Team Sportsmanship winner
  • One-time ESIAC Coach of the Year

Throughout his coaching career, 64 student athletes made All Conference. Coach Southworth will always remain in the heads and hearts of all the student athletes he’s coached.

2014 Hall of Fame

Robert Fredland

Coach Robert Fredland

Deemed one of Gunston’s most successful coaches, both in terms of wins and the positive impact he had on the players, Coach Robert Fredland was inducted as the eighth member of the Athletics Hall of Fame. He is also the father of two Gunston alums, scholar athletes, Blake (’99), and Carrie (’01). Coach Fredland’s contributions to Gunston’s athletic program span fourteen years. A great player in his youth, Coach Fredland’s high school athletics career included playing on the soccer and lacrosse teams at Annapolis High School.

He began his college career playing lacrosse at UVA, followed up by his alma mater, Washington College. He played in two NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse Championships. His legendary coaching career at Gunston began in 2000, when he began coaching the women’s lacrosse team. Coach Fredland began as the Assistant Coach under Keith Moore. In 2001, Coach Fredland took over as Head Coach.

While at Gunston, Coach Fredland and his team won 5 CALL Conference Championships, and won 5 CALL Tournament Championships.

He also coached six Players of the Year for the CALL league and one ESIAC Player of the Year. On top of these coaching accomplishments, he is one of two coaches at Gunston who won one hundred games.

Genie Cooper Wootton

During her time as a Gunston student, Genie Cooper Wootton had an illustrious and varied athletic career. Genie entered Gunston with ten other students, forming a freshman class of eleven. Her first year at Gunston was also Mr. Paul Long’s first year as Headmaster. Since most of the students here were equestriennes, Mr. Long wanted to expand the sports program, so he made the decision to recruit student athletes from Chestertown and Easton. Genie fit the bill for the scholar athlete.

While at Kent School, Genie was a storied field hockey player. At Gunston, Genie played a number of sports. Genie was also involved with SGA and Honor Court, a student run judicial group. Not only was Genie accomplished on the basketball court and the field hockey field, she was the Middleton Award recipient her senior year due to her academic achievements. During her junior year, Genie joined the tennis team and became involved in the newly formed Athletic Association. In her senior year, she was elected president of Honor Court and remained a stand out in field hockey.

“She was a well liked teammate, gave 100%, and I could always depend upon her to try her best,” remarks Anita Gruss, Director of Athletics and one of her former coaches, “Just an all around delight to coach.”

The Gunston School is honored to add Genie Cooper Wootton as the seventh Athletics Hall of Fame Member.

2015 Hall of Fame

Sara Jane Davidson

Sara Jane Davidson worked with the non-equestrian athletes in the 1960’s, getting them active in games, relays and even baking with Gunston’s founder, Mrs. Mary Middleton. In the 1970s, Mrs. Davidson taught science, worked in the office, and also led the sports program¾helping with field hockey, basketball, softball and lacrosse. Returning to Gunston in the 1990’s after working in the Queen Anne’s public school system for 27 years, she worked as the school’s guidance counselor.

Mrs. Davidson attained a BS in Health and Physical Education from Madison College (now James Madison University) and has a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling in Education from Bowie State University.

2016 Hall of Fame

Wick I. Dudley

Mr. Wick I. Dudley ‘08

Dudley was instrumental in Gunston’s MASSA (Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association) championship win in 2007. An excellent sailor and a true team player, Dudley and his crew, primarily Shelley (Lippincott) Armiger ‘07, were undefeated in 2007. The sailing team of Dudley’s era is Gunston's fastest sailing team to date.

“Wick has a natural sense for sailing and instinctively knows how to make a boat go fast,” says former coach Ben Armiger. “He has all of the ingredients required to be a top notch skipper; cool, calm, smart, and patient.”

Dudley was a leader in and out of the water, says Armiger. He was skipper during all four years of his high school career, advancing in his skills each year, but always took time to help teach others how to sail, and how to sail fast! “He never had an ego that got in the way of doing the right thing for the greater good,” says Armiger.

“Wick was also legendary for his guitar playing and singing during long van rides to regattas. Even Maggie, the team mascot dog took a special liking to Wick,” said Armiger. “Maggie was with the team for every practice and regatta, and the pair were inseparable on dry land.”

After graduation, Dudley attended St. Mary’s College, where he was on the varsity sailing team from 2009-2012. Dudley continues to sail, and frequently coaches through Severn Sailing Association (SAA). In addition to sailing, Dudley has many other interests. He has spent extensive time backpacking Europe and South America, skiing and snowboarding in Montana, and whitewater rafting.

Dudley recently finished his first year of law school at The Francis King Carey School of Law at University of Maryland.

2017 Hall of Fame

Austin Kana

Austin '05, a standout athlete, participated in Fall sailing and Spring lacrosse, receiving the following recognition in Lacrosse: '04 2nd Team All-ESIAC, '05 2nd Team All-ESIAC, '05 1st Team All-MILL, '05 Gunston Athletics Award.

Austin was an excellent sailor and excellent student. He led the team by example both on and off the water, working hard whether it was a practice or a regatta. Says Coach Ben Arminger, "His focus on sail trim and tactics set the example and the expectation for the rest of the team. This was a team that had the full spectrum of skill; on the one end you had Austin, a top sailor in the Mid-Atlantic for his age, on the other we had walk ons that had never stepped foot on a boat. Everyone was a team member, and every student was welcomed as part of the team."

Austin never had an ego despite his superior sailing skills. "Without Austin's team spirit and selfless leadership skills, I could never have created the inclusive team spirit that we managed to create. That spirit of inclusion that Austin helped to create lasted for the rest of my career as Head Coach at Gunston, and I imagine beyond," says Arminger.

Kathryn Kana

Kate '01, an impressive defender on the lacrosse field and sailor on the Corsica, helped move Gunston's sailing club from a fledgling, under-resourced program, to a respected team capable of competing with the best of schools on the western shore. Practicing in a borrowed and beat-up International 420, Kate was determined to compete in MASSA (Mid Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association). Though their practice boat often broke down, they persevered. She and her teammate, Sarah Shattuck, often started dead last and struggled but never lost faith or determination. With each passing race, they improved and never gave up. Says her coach, Tony Everdell, "Kate remained determined, extremely conscientious, and calmly patient as Gunston began to compete with the big time. Kate and Sarah ended their first season in the top quarter and Gunston became a respected racing team among the very smug Annapolis crowd." Kate achieved her goal and was one of the original sailors of the Gunston sailing team which competed in MASSA.

"From then on Gunston earned a new fleet and Kate Kana never gave up sailing and her love of boats which she still has today in her own career," says Everdell. Always steady and persevering, she is well deserving of Gunston's athletic Hall of Fame award."

Patrick Kana

Patrick '08 followed in his brother's footsteps, achieving equal success. Lacrosse: '05 2nd Team All-ESIAC, '07 2nd Team All-ESIAC, '08 2nd Team All-ESAIC, '08 Honorable Mention MILL. In addition, Patrick was a member of MASSA Undefeated Sailing team 2006. Says Arminger, "Patrick was a freshman when Austin was a Senior. Patrick had big shoes to fill, and I think he instinctively knew that a lot was expected of him on the water. He was among my top two strongest freshman skippers and went on to lead the team just as his brother did. I often noticed how clear it was that the Kana boys were cut from the same cloth. Both excellent students, both excelling on and off the water, and both exhibiting selfless leadership skills."