Girls' Varsity Lacrosse

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Name Class Hometown
Sofia Angarita 2022 Cordova, MD
Eileen Ashley 2020 Centreville, MD
Annie Bamford 2020 Chestertown, MD
Hannah Beckman 2021 Middletown, DE
Gracie Callahan 2022 Denton, MD
Anastasia Clair 2022 Middletown, DE
Charlotte Cook 2022 Easton, MD
Lydia Davis 2021 Chestertown, MD
Ashley Escobar 2022 Easton, MD
Francesca Fisher 2020 Centreville, MD
Nina Friedman 2022 Easton, MD
Reagan Gessford 2021 Centreville, MD
Annabelle Gillespie 2020 Worton, MD
Georgia Gillespie 2022 Worton, MD
Sheila Groz 2022 Grasonville, MD
Olivia Hershey 2021 Oxford, MD
Kayley Hildebrand 2022 Centreville, MD
Grace Holmes 2020 Chestertown, MD
Paige Holmes 2022 Chestertown, MD
Aidan Ireland 2022 Annapolis, MD
Lily Judd 2020 Rehoboth Beach, DE
Brooke McAdory 2022 Chestertown, MD
Emma McClary 2021 Warwick, MD
Alexis Meiklejohn 2022 Queen Anne, MD
Abigail Miller 2022 Easton, MD
Magdalena Miller 2022 Easton, MD
Sydney Nittle 2021 Easton, MD
Alexandrea Norman 2022 Chestertown, MD
Adison Parish 2021 St. Michaels, MD
Marion Riddle 2021 Annapolis, MD
Abigail Russum 2022 Crumpton, MD
Lilly Santora 2022 Annapolis, MD
Eleanor Stup 2019 Worton, MD
Lillian Ward 2021 Royal Oak, MD


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