Sailing - Spring

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Name Class Hometown
Andrew Amygdalos 2020 Wyoming, DE
Philip Ashley 2019 Centreville, MD
Helen Boone 2021 Centreville, MD
Emerson Borghardt 2021 Centreville, MD
Mark Bourdin 2020 Easton, MD
Cora Duncan 2019 Centreville, MD
Sophia Ewing 2022 Easton, MD
Cedar Foster 2020 Centreville, MD
Grafton Howard 2019 Chesapeake City, MD
Phineas Howell 2019 Chestertown, MD
William Newberg 2020 Easton, MD
James Pratt 2019 Chestertown, MD
Owen Santora 2021 Annapolis, MD
Severin Schut 2021 Rock Hall, MD
Charles Shifrin 2021 Chestertown, MD
Haorui Song 2019 Easton, MD
Caroline Taylor 2020 Severna Park, MD
Elijah Wazen 2021 Annapolis, MD
Hannah Worth 2021 Centreville, MD


  • Thomas Chafey

Info from the Coach

Spring 2019 Guide to Gunston Sailing


On the water:
Mon-Fri, 2:20-4:20 Arriving at the tree, dressed, with water bottle, full stomach, and empty bladder ready to rig

Occasionally on the water practice will be cancelled due to the weather. Signs will be posted around lunchtime informing sailors of alternative planning which includes a physical fitness practice and/or a classroom day.

Gear for Practice

All required gear must be brought to practice everyday due to variability in practice conditions. While it may be warm on campus, the water might be freezing! If it’s too windy, or not windy enough, we may have a physical fitness practice. Gear may be stored and locked in the field house for safekeeping. If a student does not have the appropriate gear to safely be on the water, this will count as an unexcused absence.

All sailors are required to have the following items:

  • Life Jacket. Type 3, Coast-Guard approved, and free of rips or holes
  • Closed-toed shoes. Converse sneakers are a popular choice, but made-for-sailing booties by Gill, or other sneaker-like, waterproof shoes are better in cold weather.
  • Spray tops and bottoms, also known as salopettes or bibs ~$200 set
  • Workout/running clothes including sneakers, a tee shirt, and warm layers for outdoors

Highly recommended items:

A drysuit ~$500
  • mainly for the spring season as the water temperature is significantly colder
    • Note: Gunston has six loaner drysuits. Please contact Coach Granger if you are interested in using a school drysuit
  • for sailors planning more than one spring season of sailing, this is essential
  • An old pair of sneakers a shoe size larger is necessary for wearing a drysuit due to the large latex booties
  • Warm synthetic layers
  • Wool hat
  • Non-cotton socks
  • Non-cotton gloves

Where to buy sailing gear:

  • West Marine
  • Annapolis Performance Sailing (online or in Eastport)

Attendance Policy

Sailors practice in crew and skipper pairs over the season, meaning if a sailor misses practice for any reason it is disruptive to not only their personal success but also their partner’s and the team at large.

All sailors are required to attend daily practice with the required gear in order to earn a spring sports credit. A sailor will receive a lunch detention for any unexcused absence. After three unexcused absences the sailor will be dismissed from the team for the season, barring them from earning their necessary sports credit. Academic help during practice hours is not considered an excused absences. All absences will be deemed excused/unexcused by Gunston’s administration.

If sailors are tardy three times or more they will receive a lunch detention. Students are expected to arrive to the boathouse at 2:25 pm everyday, no exceptions.

Weekend Regatta Commitments
Attendance: Sailors do not have weeknight “games”, they have all-day weekend regattas. If sailors need to be excused from a weekend regatta due to a prior commitment, excused absence, this must be communicated to the coaches within the first two weeks of the season. Plan accordingly.

What to Bring:

  • Lunch
  • Water bottle
  • All required sailing gear
  • Change of warm clothes
  • A towel
  • Homework (bus rides are 1-2hrs)

Parent involvement is enthusiastically welcomed at weekend regattas. Come along with the family and watch from the dock, send extra water along, snacks, breakfast, etc. on the bus for the team or go as far as to throw a lunch tailgate on location! Coordination between parents or general questions may be sent to Coach Granger through email:

Index of Sailing Centers:

Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC)
2 Compromise St.
Annapolis, MD

Note: High School events begin at the Junior Sailing House which is over the Eastport Bridge from the main yacht club building. There is no food at this location.

Baltimore County Sailing Center (BCSC)
2200 Rocky Point
Baltimore, MD

Note: This is in an area far from Baltimore city itself. There are no nearby venues for food.

D. C. Sail
600 Water St
Washington, DC 20024

Sailing Center Chesapeake (SCC)

Tall Timbers Marina
18521 Herring Creek Rd.
Tall Timbers, MD 20690

Note: This is about 2:15 hrs away at a remote location. There is a restaurant at this location. They do not welcome grilling as part of a tailgate.

Severn Sailing Association (SSA)
311 First
Annapolis, MD

Note: This is a second location for AYC/SSA events. It is from this location that parents and friends can watch the sailing during the day.

Tred Avon Yacht Club (TAYC)
102 Strand
Oxford, MD 21654

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