Winter Crew Conditioning

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# Name Class Hometown
MacCallum Borghardt 2020 Centreville, MD
Michaela Campbell 2020 Centreville, MD
Dolan Carella 2019 Davidsonville, MD
Jianna Casiello 2020 Riva, MD
Kate Dieterle 2020 Centreville, MD
Catherine Easter 2019 Grasonville, MD
Francesca Fisher 2020 Centreville, MD
Leah Hellwege 2019 Stevensville, MD
Brynne Kneeland 2019 Stevensville, MD
Nicholas Lee 2019 Easton, MD
Christopher Newberg 2018 Easton, MD
William Newberg 2020 Easton, MD
Neel Patel 2018 Middletown, DE
Jack Pigman 2021 Severna Park, MD
Megan Prochaska 2019 Worton, MD
Garrett Rudolfs 2018
Joshua Sanford 2021 Centreville, MD
Isabella Santoboni 2020 Annapolis, MD
Maximillian Scott 2020 Chestertown, MD
Andrew Seaman 2019 Severna Park, MD
Peter Sharpless 2020 Easton, MD
Elena Sherman 2019 Middletown, DE
Qirui Wang 2020 Centreville, MD
Owen White 2020 Easton, MD
Pengyu Wu 2018 Centreville, MD
ShengHao Xu 2018 Chestertown, MD


Director of Rowing / Head Coach

Nicole Stimpson, 3rd Season

  • 2002-2013 US Naval Academy Asst. Coach Women's Rowing
  • Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Mid-Atlantic Asst. Coach of the Year, 2004, '05, & '08
  • 2000 - 2002 Wesleyan University Graduate Assistant Coach
  • 2001 & 2013 Appearances at NCAA Women's Rowing Championships


No coaches were found for this team.

Info from the Coach

Winter Crew Conditioning begins Monday, November 9

Athletes participate in 1-hour training sessions Monday - Friday

Training occurs on rowing machines (ergs) and body circuit training designed by Gunston's Director of Rowing, Nicole Stimpson.

Training is geared to prepare our rowers for the Spring Racing season in addition to Collegiate level rowing.

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