Crew - Spring

Athletics Team



Name Class Hometown
Lucy Bamford 2022 Chestertown, MD
Sebastian Borland 2022 Queenstown, MD
Michaela Campbell 2020 Centreville, MD
Jianna Casiello 2020 Riva, MD
Jian Dang 2022 Centreville, MD
Isabella De Leon 2022 Chestertown, MD
Ava Duvall 2022 Queenstown, MD
Catherine Easter 2019 Grasonville, MD
Kayla Flood 2021 Centreville, MD
James Fordi 2021 Chestertown, MD
Madison Hanlon 2022 Middletown, DE
Lynsey Hildebrand 2020 Centreville, MD
Brynne Kneeland 2019 Stevensville, MD
Colin Lang 2022 Easton, MD
Rui Liu 2022 Centreville, MD
Zeyu Liu 2020 Church Hill, MD
Erin McDonald 2021 Easton, MD
Fletcher Parsons 2022 Easton, MD
Lydia Periconi 2021 Easton, MD
Jack Pigman 2021 Severna Park, MD
Ainsleigh Pocock 2022 Gambrills, MD
Megan Prochaska 2019 Worton, MD
Caroline Roser 2019 Easton, MD
Joshua Sanford 2021 Centreville, MD
Isabella Santoboni 2020 Annapolis, MD
Leonardo Santoboni 2022 Annapolis, MD
Andrew Seaman 2019 Severna Park, MD
Matthew Sharpless 2022 Easton, MD
Elena Sherman 2019 Middletown, DE
Christian Walker 2021 Chestertown, MD
Owen White 2020 Easton, MD


  • Katherine Gross
    Head Novice Coach
  • Tammy Boone
    Assistant Coach

Info from the Coach

Practice Time: Monday - Friday 2:20pm - 4:20pm

Practice Clothing: Bring warm, tight fitting clothing and a change of dry clothing.

Athletics Event

Team Opponent Date Time Advantage Score Status
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