Golfing Fore Gunston II and Biddersnest Auction Raise $30K

Prospect Bay Country Club. Photo by Micelle Hallmark

The Golfing “fore” Gunston II fundraiser on Monday, May 3 at the Prospect Bay Country Club in Grasonville welcomed 90 golfers and two tennis players, including Gunston alumni, parents, past parents, and community supporters. A 9 a.m. shotgun start began the day, with teams competing for prizes while enjoying food, drinks and fun give-aways, while our tennis players enjoyed a game with a professional followed by lunch.

The day’s winners include: First Place with a gross score of 57, Mark Seaman, P’19 ’22, Carl Seaman, David Duda, and Joe Deluzio, with a prize of Under Armour jackets, gift certificates to Prospect Bay’s pro shop, and plaques. The winner of the Longest Drive was Casey Grieves, (347′), with a prize of a Yeti Panga 50 duffle bag filled with Gunston swag and a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift certificate; Closest to the Pin winner was Rich Biondi (10′11″), with a prize of a Bat-Caddy X3R remote control cart and with a final gross score of 86, and Last Place Winners were Torrey Pocock, Mark McVckeer, Byan Krandle and Justin Pacheco, with a prize of brand new tennis rackets and gift certificates to the pro shop.

Joe Deluzio, Carl Seaman, Mark Seaman, P’19 ’22, and David Duda (not pictured) won first place with a gross score of 57.

Brian Krandle, Torrey Pocock, and Mark McVickee of Riggo Productions, Tournament Sponsor, received tennis rackets for Last Place finish. 

“This is a phenomenal turnout for a second golf event in one year, which by the way we wouldn’t normally do, however, without our signature fundraising event, the Bull Roast, we needed to incorporate another opportunity that was safe and outdoors to help us bridge that $4,000 gap between what tuition costs, and what it actually costs to deliver the Gunston experience,” said Gunston’s Head of School John Lewis. “With most attendees being fully vaccinated and the restrictions lifted on outdoor mask requirements, it almost felt like a normal day!”

He continued,” We are truly, truly beyond grateful for all of the parent volunteers here today, and actually not just today, we are grateful for the help and support they’ve provided all year, whether it’s helping with the golf event, helping us to secure auction items, covering homework tents, there’s just so much they have done for Gunston this year, so thank you.” 

Prospect Bay’s Head Golf Pro, Ash Sanania commented “It was our pleasure to host such a wonderful event and I cannot say enough about you, your staff, all of the volunteers and the Gunston School. I am looking forward to hosting next year’s event!”

Additionally, a concurrently running online silent auction, the Gunston Biddersnest, offered items such as professional photography sessions, a Gunston Watershed Experience, a weekend getaway, original artwork by Ben Dize (a retiring and much beloved Gunston faculty member), dinner package, and more. “Speaking personally, this has been the most challenging year I’ve ever experienced as a school leader, but I continue to be inspired by the ways we’ve pulled together, and today is proof positive of that community effort,” added Lewis. 

Together, the golf tournament and the auction raised about $30,000, all which goes directly to the Heron Annual Fund, which allows Gunston the ability to offer more than 60% of its students financial aid, provide additional enrichment and hands-on opportunities that extend beyond the classroom for both students and faculty, and perhaps most importantly, help to defray the unexpected costs of PPE, tents, new video technology, and more. 

The event had 36 sponsors: Tournament sponsors included Riggo Productions (The Pocock Family, P’23), Fred Frederick of Easton (Janell & Jeffrey Frederick, P’23 ’25), and What’s Up? Media.

Grill Station Sponsor: Foundation for Tomorrow (Nicole Wagner, P’23). 

Awards Sponsors: Gunther McClary Real Estate (Chris & Ellen McClary, P’21 ’23), DataLink Interactive, and Astech Security (The Miller Family, P’15).

Contest Sponsors: KRM Construction, The Riddle Family (P’21),  Callahan’s Gas & Appliance (Mark & Dana Callahan, P’22), and  Jack & Jill Meyerhoff, P’11 ’13. 

Refreshment Sponsors: Shore United Bank, John & Dr. Laurie Lewis, Delaware Podiatric Medicine (Jake & Rebecca Hanlon, P’22), The De Leon Family, P’22, Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat (Audrey and Kurt Reichardt, P’21), and Griswold Travel (Emily Larkin, P’24).

Hole Sponsors: The Hansen Family, P’23, the YMCA of the Chesapeake, Kristy & Jon Myers, P’21 ’24, The Holmes Family, P’20 ’22, The Shifrin Family, P’21, Tine Dickey P’24, The Algier Family, P’23, Connie Loveland, Realtor-Benson and Mangold Real Estate, Atlantic Cruising Yachts (Christian & Dawn Bent, P’25), Mark & Diane Freestate, P’98, Jill & John Caron, P’17, The Ceruolo Family, P’23, The Sanderson Family, P’22 ’23, Dane & Mary Ways, P’18 Long & Foster Real Estate, Reliable Pest Control, McHale Landscape Design, Serino Orthodontics, and Kent School.

A special thanks to G&G Distributors of Centreville, for providing drinks and refreshments.

Gunston Biddersnest Auction Donors: Micelle Hallmark Photography, Hartcorn Studios, Wylder Hotel, Tilghman Island, Ben Dize, Links at Perry Cabin, Prospect Bay, and Serino Orthodontics. 

Closest to the Pin winner Rich Biondi (10′11″) shows off his prize, a Bat-Caddy X3R remote control cart.

The winner of the Longest Drive was Casey Grieves, (347′), with a prize of a Yeti duffle bag filled with Gunston swag.

Former Board of Trustees Chair Stoney Duffey, P’88, (Grandparent ’18 ’21 ’23), Head of School John Lewis, former Board of Trustees Chair Jim Wright, and former trustee Jim Clauson, P’06 ’07.

Bobby Smith (left) and Drew Lane (right) give each other a high five before the shotgun start. Also pictured are Donnie Quinn

Bobby Smith (left) and Drew Lane (right) give each other a high five before the shotgun start. Also pictured are Donnie Quinn (far left) and Chris Wagner ’04 (far right). PHOTO BY MICELLE HALLMARK PHOTOGRAPHY.

Mike (right) and Jack Beasley ’25 are ready to tee off. 


Golfing Event Director

Lynda Scull, 
D: 410-758-0620 ext.1101

Golfing fore Gunston

Monday, May 3, 2021 • 9 a.m.-4ish
Prospect Bay Country Club, Grasonville, Md.
$175 Individual Golfers/ $700 Foursomes
Sponsorship opportunities outlined below
Join fellow Gunston parents, alumni and community members for a fun-filled day on the links at Prospect Bay Country Club in Grasonville, Md. Grab a continental breakfast on the patio overlooking the greens before hopping in your cart (ready to go with Gunston swag!). We tee off with a shotgun start at 9 a.m., followed by refreshments served throughout the day and food and snacks on Hole 3. While you’re at Holes 3 and 12, trying your best to make that par 3, you'll have the opportunity to “Rent a Pro” if you need a little help to get you in a better position for first place. Once you’ve completed all 18 holes, please join us in the banquet room for an Awards ceremony with prizes for First Place, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, and of course we can’t leave out our “Last Place” winners. 
This year we’ve added a few activities for our families who may not golf, but would like to show their support by connecting with other members of the Gunston community, so come out and enjoy the day with lunch and/or tennis while we’re out on the greens.  

2021 Sponsors

DataLink Interactive
Gunther McClary Real Estate Logo
Thank you Gunston Faculty and Coaches, The Hansen Family
YMCA of the Chesapeake Logo
Kristy & Jon Myers, P’21 ’24
The Holmes Family, P’20 ’22
The Shifrin Family P’21
What's Up? Magazine Logo
Jack & Jill Meyerhoff, P’11 ’13
Connie Loveland Realtor
Shore United Bank - Refreshment Sponsor
John & Dr. Laurie Lewis
Riggo Productions Logo
Kent School Select Sponsor
Jill & John Caron P'17
Atlantic Cruising Yachts Logo
Mark & Diane Freestate P'98
Moorhouse Electrical Services
G&G Distributors Logo
The Ceruolo Family
The De Leon Family
Sanderson Family, P'22 '23
Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat
Dane Ways, P'18 - Long & Foster Real Estate
Callahan's Gas and Appliance Logo
McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Serino Orthodontics
Griswold Travel


The Gunston $3,000

(Tournament Sponsor) 

5 Opportunities/2 Available

VIP Golf Package

  • 1 Foursome
  • 4 Mulligans/Foursome
  • 1 String Game/Foursome
  • 1 Rent a Pro Shot/Foursome
  • Free Ad Placement (Yearbook 2022, newsletter, Website,
    Social Media and Digital Media)
  • Signage (Reception/Sign Up, Turn, Leaderboard, Carts)
  • Recognition at Start
  • Speaking Opportunity at Awards Ceremony
  • Cart Signage 
  • Swag Bags (Discounts/Coupons/QR Codes for local business/services)

The Crew $1,500

(Station Sponsor)  
2 Opportunities/1 Available
This is a unique opportunity to show off your Gunston pride, by sponsoring a grilling or drink station located on a Par 3 serving burgers and hot dogs or a drink at the spot where our Rent a Pro Challenges are being held.  We’ll provide the burgers, hot dogs, chips, bottled water and drink option.  

VIP Golf Package

  • 1 Foursome
  • 4 Mulligans/Foursome
  • 1 Rent a Pro Shot/Foursome
  • 1 String Game/Foursome
  • Hole Station (Choice of grilling burgers or signature drink bar)
  • Cart Signage
  • Swag Bags (Discounts/Coupons/QR Codes for local business/services)

The Heron $1,000

(Awards Ceremony Sponsor) 


Recognition at the Awards Ceremony, all carts, opportunity to speak during the ceremony as well as offer  discount code/coupon/QR code for your local business/services 

VIP Golf Package

  • 1 Foursome
  • 4 Mulligans/Foursome
  • 1 Rent a Pro Shot/Foursome
  • 1 String Game/Foursome
  • Cart Signage 
  • Swag Bags (Discounts/Coupons/QR Codes for local business/services)

Refreshment Sponsors:

Recognition at various locations throughout the course
  • Coffee Bar Signage - $500 SOLD OUT
  • Water Bottle Signage - $500 SOLD OUT
  • Turn Signage - $500 SOLD OUT
  • Cart Signage - $500 SOLD OUT
  • Snack Signage - $500 SOLD OUT

Contest Sponsors:

Recognition at the Awards Ceremony as well as signage in each cart
  • First Place Team - $1,400 SOLD OUT
  • Closest to the Pin - $1,000 SOLD OUT
  • Longest Drive - $500 SOLD OUT
  • Last Place Team - $500 SOLD OUT

Hole Sponsors:

  • Hole Signs with your logo/design - SOLD OUT

Add On/Packages:  

Our golf package was a big hit in the fall, so to help get you signed in quicker and on the greens, we are offering that same package as well as one an additional option that can be purchased ahead of time:  

Green Package $150 

  • 4 Mulligans/Foursome
  • 1 String Game/Foursome
  • 1 *Rent a Pro Shot/Foursome (Hole 3)

Blue Package $100

  • 4 Mulligans/Foursome
  • 1 String Game/Foursome

*Rent a Pro
In this contest, instead of competing against the Golf Pro, individual players or teams can choose to “hire” the pro to hit their drive on a very difficult hole (which could end up saving them a couple of strokes, and could be important in a heated competition). 

Options for Non-Golfers

We know not everyone plays golf, so we’ve come up with a few options to join in the festivities and show your support for Gunston:

  • Lunch in the Club Gazebo (1 party of 6 max) - $300 SOLD OUT 
  • Lunch at the Club for 4-8 with tennis - $450 SOLD OUT 
  • Lunch at the Club for 2-4 and tennis with a Pro - $500 SOLD OUT 
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