Online Giving

Unrestricted gifts to the Heron Fund supports the very people and programs that make the Gunston Experience so special!

Our funding comes from two sources: 85% from tuition and fees and 15% from charitable donations.

The Heron Fund is the school’s annual fundraising campaign and supports operating expenses, making up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the school. While your child is at Gunston, this translates into small class sizes with incredibly individualized attention, accommodations for different learning styles, and access to resources, technology, and life changing experiences that many other schools can’t afford. For the future, this means excellent academic credentials your child will possess throughout life from a well respected academic institution. Charitable giving also ensures a healthy operating budget, which in turn enables Gunston to:

  • attract and retain talented faculty, staff, and coaches;
  • offer students and faculty opportunities beyond what tuition would typically pay for such as leadership conferences, robotic competitions;
  • establish and maintain treasured traditions such as Green & White Days, Embarkation & Disembarkation, bonfires, open mic nights, and more.
  • offer 55% of our families financial aid that supports a diverse student body.


Large participation numbers, especially among faculty, parents and our Board shows confidence in the school, and can impact gifts from outside sources: most foundations consider parent participation rates before donating funds to a school. Each and every gift is important and we are grateful for your support!