Heron Annual Fund

Stephanie and Nick Ceruolo'23


“I am so grateful for how Gunston was able to provide a full academic experience this past year, which wouldn’t have been possible without solid financial footing. I give because I know that as a parent donor, my gift is valuable above and beyond the dollar amount.” 
- Stephanie Ceruolo (Pictured with son Nick Ceruolo ’23.)

Online Giving

Earth Day 2021

135 DAYS 
In-Person Learning
223 Students

Triathlon 2021

played by the Gunston Herons

Rocket Competition 2021

We are clicking our heels with joy for all of the wonderful things that you made possible this year by supporting the Heron Annual Fund!

Green & White Days | Embarkation
Bay Studies Disembarkation | Prom
National Honor Society | Open Mic Nights
Carnivals |  Bonfires |  Radio Plays
Rocket Launches |  Graduation | Golfing