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Heron Hustle 5K
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The Gunston School’s Heron Hustle 5K/1M Virtual Run was held on November 21 & 22 with more than 140 participants hitting the pavement (or their treadmills) to raise more than $7,000 for the Heron Annual Fund and compete for fun prizes and accolades.

The Gunston School’s Heron Hustle 5K/1M Virtual Run was held on November 21 & 22 with more than 140 participants hitting the pavement (or their treadmills) to raise more than $7,000 for the Heron Annual Fund and compete for fun prizes and accolades.

The top three winners for the men’s 5K include Woody Granger (17:50), Bobby Stephenson (19:26), and Aidan Trautman ’23 (21:09). Women’s top three placements for the 5K  include Katherine Rene, P’23 (24:25), Georgia Gillespie ’22 (25.22), and Zoe Buzzelli ’24 (25:45). The men’s mile winner was Aaron Sanderson ’23 (6:15) and the women’s mile winner was Jennifer Runz, P’24 (8:57). Special recognition goes to Victoria Windmiller, who completed a 15 mile run.

Additionally, recognition for the fastest freshmen went to Zoe Buzzelli ’24 and Colin Hallmark ’24 (23:59), the fastest sophomores were McKinsey Brown ’23 (29:28) and Aiden Trautman ’23, the fastest junior was Georgia Gillespie ’22, and the fastest senior was Charlie Shifrin ’21 (25:40), with the titles for fastest male junior as well as female senior going unclaimed (for now!). 

Prizes for top overall winners include personalized Gunston merchandise and medals. For Gunston students, prizes include breakfast/snack cards and (for eligible drivers), the opportunity to snag Head of School Mr. Lewis’s parking spot for the rest of the year. 

Participants received a limited edition Heron Hustle t-shirt designed and individually hand-pressed at Skybridge Studios by Gunston alumna Alison Hansford ’96 who volunteered her time and services.

“A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Heron Hustle — the event raised thousands of dollars for the school, and it helped to connect us virtually across the region and multiple states,” said Head of School John Lewis. “We are so grateful for our event sponsors, parents, past parents and alumni who continue to support Gunston.”

Gunston’s Heron Annual Fund bridges the $4,000 gap between tuition and what it actually costs to give each student the highly personalized experience Gunston is known for.

The Heron Hustle’s premier sponsor included Oath Pizza and the Kellogg Family, P’20 & ‘23, awards sponsor Wise & Blitzer, Attorneys at Law, and Mara Schmittinger, P’16 & ‘19.

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Oath Pizza Logo

Premiere Race Sponsor:
Oath Pizza and the Kellogg Family, P ’20 & 23

Oath Pizza is a better-for-you craft pizza brand with a vision to use the popularity of pizza to make a positive, lasting impact on the world. Their award-winning crust is hand-stretched, grilled and seared in avocado oil, topped with fresh ingredients and humanely-raised proteins, and quick-cooked to perfection.

Oath began as a tiny seaside shop on Nantucket Island in 2015 and today, there are over 50 locations nationwide. Their one-of-a-kind pizzas are now available to be shipped anywhere in the country from goldbelly.com/oath-pizza. Learn more about Oath at oathpizza.com or on Instagram (@oathpizza). 

Wise & Blitzer Attorneys at law

Awards Sponsor:

Wise & Blitzer was founded on a simple idea – provide aggressive, technology driven, cost effective, and personalized legal services and solutions to clients on the Eastern Shore and throughout Maryland.

- Sarah & Ryan Severs, P’24 and Emily C. Wise

Heron Hero:

Mara Schmittinger, P ‘16, ‘19



Please complete the following steps to make sure you are all set up for the Heron Hustle.

  1. Set up your Strava account and download the app.
  2. Race Packets will be ready for pick up on Friday between 9:00-3:00. If you are unable to pick up your packet, please contact Lynda Scull, lsculll@gunston.org to make other arrangements. We want to do our best to make sure everyone has their packet for race day.
  3. Don’t forget to tag @gunstonschool with #HeronHustle on Instagram or Facebook during your run or walk. Extra Green and White points if you wear your race shirt and tag #GoGreenTeam or #GoWhiteTeam.  
  4. Tune into Gunston’s social media accounts for race results Sunday evening (Monday morning at the latest). We will also be posting the results on gunston.org/heronhustle. 
  5. Winners will be notified individually so we can coordinate delivery of prizes and get personalized medals ordered!

If you are interested in being eligible for awards, you will need to record your run on the Gunston approved app, Strava. This has GPS tracking which will document your results. If you are unable to use Strava for some reason, please make sure to use a suitable GPS-based application alternative and email your results to Jon Mellinger and Robert Stephenson for verification.

Your results MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 22 in order to be eligible for awards.

On Race Day

When it is time for race day,

  1. Open the Strava app on your device.
  2. Hit, Record, on the home screen.
  3. Make sure the icon is set to Run.
  4. Press Start. And off you go!

What if I want to use a treadmill?
Because Strava is a GPS dependent app, if you are interested in being eligible for awards and using a treadmill, please document your run by taking a photo of the treadmill screen at the conclusion of your run.

What if I want to use my smart watch (i.e. Apple Watch)?
Smart watches sync to Strava.

How does my run get uploaded?
If you are using the app, your run should upload automatically. If you are using a smart watch, make sure that the app and smart watch are sync’d.

Strava Instructions

Please make sure you have downloaded the app prior to the start of your run.

Registering for Strava:

  1. Open a web browser and go to www.strava.com and sign up for an account. This is completely free and there is no need to upgrade. The app may strongly encourage the upgrade but it is unnecessary.
  2. Please download the Strava phone app, as this will be your tracker for the race.
  3. After you are registered, log in to Strava.
  4. In the navigation bar at the top of the screen, go to the EXPLORE dropdown and select CLUBS.
  5. Enter, Heron Hustle, into the search bar, select Running, and press Search.
  6. The Gunston School seal will be visible next to the Heron Hustle club name, press the orange, JOIN.
  7. An administrator will confirm your participation in the Heron Hustle and you will get a notification upon confirmation.
Jon Mellinger head photoshopped onto Tshirt
About the T-Shirt

(Coach Mel not included)

The limited edition Heron Hustle T-shirts are high quality Bella+Canvas 100% cotton unisex Jersey Tshirts that have been designed and individually hand-pressed at Skybridge Studios by Gunston Alumna Alison Hansford ’96.

Saturday & Sunday,
November 21 & 22, 2020 
Run in your neighborhood, a park, or on your treadmill!
This event is open to everyone!
5k/1mile must be completed, with results submitted via Strava by 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 22.

Lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement (or treadmill) to raise funds for The Gunston School. The Heron Hustle 5K/1M Fun Run will take place virtually over the course of two days on Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22. Participants will use Strava to log their time and must submit their entries no later than 3 p.m.on Sunday, November 22. 

COST: Registration (includes t-shirt)
  • $20 students and faculty
  • $25 Early bird registration - Extended through 11/6 for ALL ALUMS!
  • $30 General registration (Nov 1)
  • $40 Double Heron (Both 5K and 1M)

In order to get your t-shirt before Nov. 21, you must register by Nov. 1. 
If you register after Nov. 1, the t-shirt will be mailed (or available for pick-up after the race).

Green and White Day points will be awarded to whichever team has the most registrations!!