Why I Give

Why We Give: Bryan McGrath & Catherine Murphy, P ’17
Hope Murphy '17 receives her diploma.

“We give annually to Gunston because we believe in the school's mission, and we want to see the personalized educational experience that our daughter (Hope ’17) received there continue to be available in our community. Gunston fills an important role, and we feel a sense of responsibility to see to its flourishing.”

-Bryan McGrath & Catherine Murphy, P ’17

Why I Give: Nicole Wagner, P ’23
Nicole Wagner and Isabelle Requena ’23


“I give because it is my personal way to be able to give back to Gunston and to say thank you for everything Gunston does!”

- Nicole Wagner, P ’23

Why We Give: Bess & Ralph Riddle, P’21
The Riddle Family, P'21

“We give to the Heron Annual Fund to help support the extracurricular and classroom activities that make the Gunston community so unique. These activities help our children develop leadership, foster a sense of community, and grow into socially responsible young adults.”

Why We Give: The Duvall Family ’22
The Duvall Family, P'22

“Since Ava's first day at The Gunston School, we have enjoyed observing the staff instilling in her the highest quality of education and ideals. Coupled with that, is the constant theme that has inspired Ava, a general feeling that Gunston imbues: you are not alone.

The effects of this community feeling are what motivates us to give to this wonderful school to help share this opportunity with others.” - The Duvall Family ’22

Why We Give: Mary & Peter De Angelo (P’20)
The De Angelo Family


“Gunston has made a profound impact on our family. From the first time we stepped onto Gunston's campus, we knew it was an incredibly special place—so much so that it prompted us to move from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore so our daughter, Nina (’20), could more easily attend Gunston. Throughout Nina’s four years at Gunston, she was both supported and challenged by her teachers, and every faculty door was always open to her. Bottom line, Gunston taught Nina many key life skills and she was well-prepared for college-level studies. We will always be grateful for the kindness and commitment of Gunston’s faculty."

Alumni Parents Mary & Peter De Angelo pictured with daughter Nina ’20

Why I Give: 10 (+) Years at Gunston
The Lewis Family Why I Give


“During my 25 year career, I’ve served in five schools, and Gunston is by far the most relentlessly student-centered school I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve grown nearly 80% in enrollment since 2010, and that can be attributed to a number of important factors: a relevant and forward-looking mission, focused board leadership, generous gifts from the community, and a great leadership team.  

However, the key to it all is our faculty: their talent, dedication, and commitment to students is what sets Gunston apart.  It’s what draws and keeps families to the school.”

- Head of School John Lewis
 Reflecting on ten years of service at the Gunston School, and why he gives to the Heron Fund every year. 


Giving Levels

Mary Middleton Society
$10,000 and above

Eastern Shore Club
$5,000 - $9,999

1911 Council
$1,000 - $4,999

Headmaster's Circle
$500 - $999

Corsica Fellows
$100 - $499

Green & White Team
up to $99