COVID Dress Code

Our typical dress code standards have been modified to accommodate the increased use of outdoor learning spaces on campus this fall, and to eliminate the use of locker rooms for changing. As you will see below, a major highlight is that students will have the option of wearing athletic attire to classes throughout the day. It has been a goal to get these Handbook expectations out to you as soon as possible as you prepare for the school year. These changes will be a significant departure for us, so thank you for your flexibility!

Dress Code 2020-2021

In keeping with the school’s mission to prepare students for college and, ultimately, for a future as professionals, Gunston expects students to maintain a clean and neat appearance and comply with the following dress code at all times while on campus and on school-related activities and trips. The Dean of Students, in consultation with the faculty and administration, is the final arbiter in the interpretation of this dress code. While the dress code cannot list all clothing that is inappropriate for school wear, school day standards are outlined below. If parents or students have any questions about whether items comply with the dress code, they are encouraged to contact the school prior to purchasing or allowing the student to wear the item to school. 

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the educational setting and activity in which they are engaged. Professionalism in dress and appearance is expected, and all clothing is to be laundered and pressed. Hair should be well-kempt, of natural color and neatly trimmed; facial hair is prohibited. Clothing and jewelry items may not carry any symbols of products, slogans, advertising, or promote the use of illegal substances.

In order to support the school’s culture of respect and tolerance, and to reinforce the values inherent in the school’s philosophy and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, the school reserves the right to prohibit offensive, inappropriate, inflammatory, profane, or disruptive logos, symbols, and/or other paraphernalia displayed within the school environment, including those on laptop/ bumper stickers, backpack buttons, etc. 

Dress Code Expectations for 2020-2021

  • Students may attend class in athletic attire:
    • Gunston or Heron attire OR
    • Unbranded, solid or striped T-shirts (any brand logo must be under 2”)
    • Loose-fitting athletic shorts, sweatpants, joggers, warm-up pants, solid ¾ or full-length leggings.
    • Running/tennis shoes
    • NO: Pinnies, practice jerseys, compression/spandex shorts, triathlon jerseys/singlet, or rowing uni suits may not be worn to class.
  • Alternatively, students may wear season-appropriate educational attire:
    • Polo shirts (solid or striped)
    • Bermuda-length khaki shorts, skirts, or long pants - in tan, gray, navy blue, or olive green
    • Please remember that bathrooms, locker rooms, and the parking lot are not available for changing
  • Hats and sunglasses are to be removed inside buildings.
  • Sweaters and Gunston sweatshirts/fleeces may be worn in cooler weather
  • Face coverings:
    • Follow all guidance from school officials (which will be explained in detail in the coming days) regarding masks and mask types; masks must cover the nose and mouth when worn.
    • Mask design must comply with dress code parameters related to distracting/offensive images.

The following standards are shared across all levels of attire:

  • Enclosed footwear required at all times (no sandals, Crocs, slippers, etc)
  • All clothing must be free of holes, rips, gaps and tears.
  • Shoulders, midriffs, etc. must be covered.
  • Shorts, skirts, and pants must be of a professional style and length.
    • Bermuda-length khaki shorts are acceptable
    • No denim, no bike shorts
  • No alcohol, drug, tobacco, or other messages described above.

A Note on Modifications for 2020-2021
Our academic day dress code has been modified for the Fall of 2020 in light of the COVID pandemic and changes to our usual operating procedures with the following in mind:  

  • Learning indoors and outdoors: 
    Students will have classes that meet indoors and outdoors, in all seasons. Outdoor spaces include open-air and event tents.
  • Avoiding Locker Rooms:
    • When we return to campus this fall, the use of lockers and locker rooms will not be available for health and safety reasons, and changing in restrooms is not allowed. 
    • Students are not allowed to undress in public spaces; undergarments may not be visible (boxers, compression shorts, undershorts, sports bras are all considered undergarments)
    • Students may bring cleats, mouth guards, and other specific equipment in sports bags. Bags will be stored in tents or in student vehicles. 

Again, thank you for your understanding as elements of our program flex and adapt to meet the needs of the community. Please reach out with any questions to Dean of Students Mark Wiening.

(Pictured is an example of Gunston COVID dress code-approved attire.)