G.I.V.E. works toward school support of at least three philanthropic causes each year; one charity that is local, one that is national and one that is international. Another goal of G.I.V.E. is to find opportunities and to invite all students to actively volunteer in our local communities.

This year's recipients include the Talbot Humane Society, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and World Wildlife Fund

Olive and Delilah Thomas

GIVE is raising money for our three charities and also lifting everyone's spirits with a pet photo/video competition! For $5 you can enter a picture of your pet(s) or a video of your pet doing an awesome trick. Gunston students and staff will vote on the best entry for each category and the winners will receive a cash prize. The more people that enter, the bigger your prize! If 50 people enter the winners will each get $25, if 100 enter, they'll get $50! 

Each entry is $5. Select the category below and upload your photo to be entered into the contest. Entries are due no later than December 8th.

  • Best Pet Trick Video

  • Cutest Pet Photo

  • Best Pals Photo (animal friends)

  • Best Pet Costume Photo

Voting will be conducted by the entire school from December 9-13th and we will announce the winners at morning meeting on December 14th.

Submissions are now closed, so stay tuned for the results!!