Class of 2021 Commencement

Saturday, June 12th at 11 a.m.

This year’s Graduation Ceremony will be held on-campus on the grassy oval field in front of Middleton House. Our commencement speaker this year will be Mr. Ben Dize, who will be retiring after his 52nd year as an educator, and we look forward to hearing his wit and wisdom.

Given limited space and the need for social distancing, 10 tickets ONLY will be available for each family, and all guests will be required to comply with Gunston’s health and safety guidelines during the ceremony. Should we experience inclement weather at the time of the ceremony, our plan is to delay the ceremony until the weather clears up.


Friday, May 21, 2021

This is the Seniors’ final day on campus. The Disembarkation Ceremony consists of a final “campus march,” the placing of a brick in front of Middleton House, and a waterborne sendoff down the Corsica River. The main adaptations for this event will be limited attendance—parents and guardians only—and the use of a multi-boat flotilla at the waterfront rather than our traditional use of the Chestertown Packet.

Ben Dize, 2021 Commencement Speaker

Commencement Speaker

Ben Dize was born and raised in Crisfield, Maryland where he gained a deep appreciation for the Chesapeake Bay and its heritage. Ben graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1968 and received an M.Ed. from Towson State University in 1972. He began teaching in Howard County in February of 1969 and moved to teach art in Kent County in September of 1969. After completing 30 years of teaching at Kent County High School he started teaching art at Gunston in September of 1999. Besides art, Ben’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, boating and gardening. He enjoys cooking, learning Italian, and traveling.



Congratulations Class of 2021

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