Heron Walkway

Building a Pathway to our Future, Brick-by-Brick

One hundred years ago, our founders, Sam and Mary Middleton, created a school on the Corsica River dedicated to providing students with a learning experience enriched with a strong sense of values and community. Over the years, while the school’s outward appearance has changed, the mission has remained true and Gunston has grown, student-by-student and brick-by-brick.

To commemorate the 100 years of Gunston’s dedication to learning, the school is constructing Heron Walkway, where individual bricks will become a visible testimony to the school’s commitment to young people and to the community’s commitment to the school.

As a lasting way to support Gunston, we invite you to purchase a personalized commemorative brick that will become a part of Heron Walkway. Your brick will be installed in front of Middleton House and as the years progress, they will serve as a permanent and enduring monument to those individuals whose lives have been touched by Gunston.

Dedicate an engraved brick on Heron walkway today and:

  • Honor your years or a family member’s years at Gunston
  • Commemorate the value of a loved one
  • Signify a special event such as your child’s graduation or a championship season
  • Acknowledge your business’s appreciation of, and involvement with, the school
  • Honor your graduating class or a favorite teacher or coach
  • Purchase a gift that will last forever

Make a donation to Gunston that will benefit generations of students.

Purchase a commemorative brick today.

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