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A new student walks through a socially distant receiving line at Gunston's annual Embarkation ceremony.

Every year, the Gunston School kicks off the fall semester with a special ceremony called Embarkation. This year, a total of 70 new community members, which included 57 of the 60 incoming 9th graders, five 10th graders, one 11th grader, and seven staff members embarked, signed the Honor Code, and were greeted warmly by the community. 

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224 Students

Student Ratio 9:1

$1.4m Financial Aid


Founded in 1911

35 Acre Water Front Campus

offered in college merit aid to 47 graduates—class of 2019$2.7M

Average Class Size 11

AP Classes 20


Gunston’s rigorous, diverse, and personalized academic curriculum is designed to prepare students to excel in college and beyond. We nurture the love of learning through an inquiry-based approach, innovative instruction, and advanced coursework, including 18 AP courses.

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Sailing on the Corsica River


Gunston strongly believes that the athletic field is the place where important life lessons and leadership skills are developed, and where the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competitiveness are nurtured. We value fair play as well as positive support for players, coaches, and teams.

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Chesapeake Bay Studies


With students at the center of every program, Gunston actively seeks to train young people to be good citizens and to be leaders in their society. Leadership is a skill that can be taught, and students at Gunston have the opportunity to work closely with adult mentors who will help them develop and direct personally meaningful activities both in and outside their school.

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Oyster reef restoration


Our annual Chesapeake Bay Studies Week is one of the nation’s most innovative environmental education programs.

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